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Time To Find A Slutty Nurse Link Dump

Thanks to Holy Taco for this clip. It’s a gem, a real gem. Now after clicking on the links below, turn off your computer, take 10 minutes to make yourself look like a zombie breakdancer, and go find yourself the sluttyest Sarah Palin you can get your filthy hands on, fill her with Smirnoff Ice, and introducer her to your Chief Of Staff. 

This is an awesome costume (Filmdrunk)

Has Halloween become over commercialized? (TheOnion)

Freddy Krueger: Registered Sex Offender (FunnyorDie)

Stan Lee reads The Raven (Quickstopentertainment)

Halloween is a dick! (Dickipedia)

Will Halloween haun the box office (Variety)

EA Game takes trip to hell, brings studio with (BloodyDisgusting)

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