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Tim & Eric Thoughtfully Made Some Super Bowl Commercials For NBC

It may have been a little misguided to air them on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (on ABC), but their hearts were in the right place.

The duo, with a little bit of time on their hands before Billion Dollar Movie hits theaters, have followed up their very generous pro-bono Herman Cain campaign ads with ads for this Sunday’s Super Bowl on NBC. It’s important that awareness about the Super Bowl spreads, otherwise it will never catch on.

They showed up on the Kimmel show dressed in tuxedos, top hats, gloves, and canes because they’re football fans, through and through. It’s one thing to see their hijinks on Adult Swim or to a paying audience, it’s another to see how poorly it goes over with a mass audience.

Apparently, America (or at least Jimmy Kimmel viewers) don’t get so excited by Tim and Eric “touching tips.” Penis tips, in case that wasn’t clear.

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