Thusday's Links Are Complete Panda-Monium

I always figured that the reason tiny animals make you feel good is that if they made you feel bad, there would be a much greater chance of you eating them, and much lesser chance of species actually surviving. Here’s the links.

I always figured that the reason tiny animals make you feel good is that if they made you feel bad, there would be a much greater chance of you eating them, and much lesser chance of species actually surviving. Here’s the links.

HS Musical Prediction: 40 Million Plus (Filmdrunk)

McG Updates Us On Terminator Salvation Post Production (Filmonic)

Love Ranch Starring Joe Pesci Looking For A Distributor (Latinoreview)

Mighty Ducks 4 (The Onion)

Insert Yourself in Terror (My Movie Moment)

Breaking Bad News With Baby Animals (Holytaco)

The Universe According to Charlie Kaufman (Times)

And I will leave you with this video. I think his maverick brain had a tiny maverick stroke:



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Anyone Else Got A Bad Feeling About This Supercut Video?

See, that's what all the characters in this video say. Duh. It's always fun to see countless uses of a movie trope laid end-to-end, to prove to us just how frequently films go back to the same well of cliches. This time around, a Copon Films supercut gives us a look at every time a character informs the audience or other characters that they've "got a bad feeling about this." Most of the time, the shit goes sideways and they were right to have a bad feeling. Life is tough that way. That's one thing Hollywood gets right. The futility of existence. I'm rambling at this point. Watch the video. I've got a good feeling that you'll like it. (You see what I did there.) (Laughing Squid)


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This Video Figures Out How Much It Would Cost To Create 'Jurassic Park'

Who would have thought that populating an island with extinct animals would be so expensive? If the only thing keeping you from developing your own Jurassic Park was the uncertainty of the cost, I'm happy to say that you can now get to building. Courtesy of Fandango, a video has been assembled that allows us, with very little precision whatsoever, to determine how much a Jurassic Park would be for us. It turns out it wouldn't be cheap. It's far more money than most of us have. Did we need a video to tell us that? Not really, but if we all pooled our money, we'd probably have enough to build it. So leave your PayPal email in the comments, and I'll send you an invoice for your share of the park (1/4 raptor). Here's the video. (A.V. Club)


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New 'Megamind' Trailer Still Feels 'Incredibles'-y

Homeless Brad Pitt wants your fingernails. Another trailer for the Dreamworks animated film Megamind has dropped, and I still can't help but feel like I've seen this movie before. Will Ferrell voices a supervillian who bumps heads with the aptly-named Brad Pitt-voiced superhero, Metro Man. Dreamworks has given this yarn a different spin by focusing on the villain and his fish bowl-headed sidekick, voiced by David Cross, but my brain continues to scream The Incredibles!!! as I watch. The new trailer even reveals a plot twist that doesn't help to differentiate itself from the Pixar movie. Somewhere on the set of "Parenthood," Craig T. Nelson is shaking his head in disapproval while Bonnie Bedelia rubs his feet. Check out the trailer after the jump... Megamind -- Trailer - Watch more Movie Trailers


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Can You Survive The Trailer For 'I Don’t Know How She Does It'?

How far can you make it through the trailer for Sarah Jessica Parker's latest? This isn't gonna be easy, guys. Above is the trailer for Sarah Jessica Parker's I Don't Know How She Does It. Watching this trailer requires you to subject yourself to the following: a Parker-style voice-over, a story about the difficulties of being a mom, a mammogram joke that involves Kelsey Grammer, and pretty much all the things that make movies targeted to women terrible. The question is: how far can you make it through the trailer before getting frustrated, bored or both? [post-album postid="15121" item="1"]Directed by Douglas McGrath, and based on a book by female British author (natch) Allison Pearson, the film is about a business woman who must attain balance between work and home life. "Is such a thing possible," all you middle aged female Screen Junkies readers are surely wondering to yourselves. You'll want to be first in line to see I Don't Know How She Does It on September 16, 2011 to find out. Also starring Pierce Brosnan, Greg Kinnear, Christina Hendricks Olivia Munn and Seth Meyers, so if Parker wasn't the lead, at least the cast would have interested me.