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Thor Gets His Asgard Tasered In New Clip

Kenneth Branagh‘s Thor shows the Marvel hero (played by Chris Hemsworth) getting his butt kicked easily after landing on Earth and making demands. I lol’d. Maybe it undercuts the seriousness of his godhood, but I’m not fond of this plague of boring, hyper serious posters for the film anyway. Nice to know even the gods have a sense of humor.¬†Of course, as I’m sure the filmmakers are aware, a little of this goes a long way. I’m not excited to see Thor crush his foot with his hammer and hop around squealing “ouch,” like something out of a Tim Allen movie.

Thor descends into theaters April 27th, along with Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins.


  1. March 30, 2011 11:18 pm


    Saw this clip a few weeks back on a tv show, Ken Brannagh seems like an odd choice to direct a movie of this nature, but judging by the final trailer, it’s gonna be entertaining at least.

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