This Wonderful Tobias Fünke Has A Website, Ads, And A Sizzle Reel. SIZZLE REEL!!!!

"Even if it means me taking a chubby, I'll...etc." It's safe to say that Arrested Development mania has hit a fever pitch. If you want to still be excited about the new season that premieres over Memorial Day weekend, you may want to kill your Internet connection and any conversations with friends for a while. However, you'll have to make peace with your decision knowing that there is a fake Tobias Fünke website out there that serves the fictitious purpose of promoting a closeted homosexual's fledgling acting career. So, you can refuse to binge on AD hype for the next few days, or you can give in to those urges and visit Insert My Anywhere. If it helps, Insert Me Anywhere has this banner ad:

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Jimmy Kimmel Added Some Furbys To 'Fury'

Because the words are similar. And because it's funny. Fury, the Brad Pitt war movie featuring lots and lots of tanks, isn't supposed to be cute. It's, by most accounts, graphic, gory, and traumatic. In an effort to counterbalance that with something fun to watch, Jimmy Kimmel and his minions took to inserting a few Furbys in the mix, giving us a lighter film. Only these Furbys are creeping the hell out of me. I was never in on the Furby craze. Did they always have dead, glowing eyes? Cause...yuck. Kill them, Brad Pitt. A nation thanks you for your service.


See New 'Cowboys & Aliens' Super Bowl Ad Without Having To Watch Super Bowl

I just saved you, like, 7 hours. One of the main issues I have with the Super Bowl is the lack of cowboys, aliens, laser guns, and Harrison Ford. So I had mixed emotions about the prospect of a new Cowboys & Aliens Super Bowl spot - on the one hand, yeah, it probably has all those things. On the other hand, I'd have to sit through untold hours of lame beer ads, awful musical performances from senior citizens, and a few minutes of football in order to see it. Imagine my relief when I saw the ad appearing on the internet! And in the spirit of friendship, I now present the ad to you as well. Think about it - I just saved you, like, 7 hours. What are you going to do with it? I'm gonna watch the Super Bowl! (via SlashFilm)


Yup, Tim From 'Tim And Eric' Can Make A Weirder Herman Cain Ad Than Herman Cain Can

This is where I would put in my interpretation of the video you're about to see, but it's a 'Tim and Eric' video, so that's impossible. Well, in case you thought Herman Cain would go unchallenged in the competition for "weirdest campaign ad ever," you can rest assured that he barely had the title for 24 hours before Tim Heidecker of Tim and Eric fame stood up and said, "Not so fast there, Herm." (He calls Herman Cain "Herm" in this little parable.) This droning song and video has me wanting to slowly march outside, through oncoming traffic, to find the nearest polling place so that I may "ride the Cain train" with a vote for Herman Cain. For President. 2012. Do you think that if Cain lost the presidential election but won the title of "YouTube Sensation" that he would consider his campaign a victory? Lord knows I would. This guy hasn't been on my radar for very long, but he's really been entertaining. Way funnier than George W. Bush and that whole "there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq" vaudeville act he pulled 10 years ago. That got old quick.


'The Lego Movie' Falls To Pieces In Blooper Reel

Learn your lines, Morgan Freeman! When you're making a movie there are bound to be some flubs, blubs, bloopers, and gaffes. Sometimes that's just a matter of Steve Carell getting the giggles or Morgan Freeman getting cranky or Christian Bale threatening to shit down the DP's neck. Why should The Lego Movie be any different? Honestly, though, wouldn't this have been so much better if Billy Dee Williams had gone nuts and threatened to start shitting down necks?