This Wonderful Tobias Fünke Has A Website, Ads, And A Sizzle Reel. SIZZLE REEL!!!!

"Even if it means me taking a chubby, I'll...etc." It's safe to say that Arrested Development mania has hit a fever pitch. If you want to still be excited about the new season that premieres over Memorial Day weekend, you may want to kill your Internet connection and any conversations with friends for a while. However, you'll have to make peace with your decision knowing that there is a fake Tobias Fünke website out there that serves the fictitious purpose of promoting a closeted homosexual's fledgling acting career. So, you can refuse to binge on AD hype for the next few days, or you can give in to those urges and visit Insert My Anywhere. If it helps, Insert Me Anywhere has this banner ad: