This. Is. The ‘Immortals’ Trailer!

The official trailer is here. You can now kick that crummy E! footage from earlier down a bottomless pit. You can now kick that crummy E! footage from earlier down a bottomless pit. It's here, Spartamaniacs: the trailer for the new action-fantasy film Immortals. Well, whether or not you can describe it as "new" is debatable, what with it seeming exactly like 300 and all. Still, if you can't get enough of ancient angry military dudes giving impassioned speeches right before hyperstylized battle sequences, where the odds are tremendously against our heroes, be sure to click on the play button above. Immortals stars Henry "Super Brit" Cavill, Stephen Dorff Mickey Rourke, and is directed by Tarsem Singh ("The Cell"). The film has an impossible-to-remember release date of 11-11-11.

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Watch Some '300', I Mean, 'Immortals' Footage

Sorry 'Chronicles Of Riddick'. The crown for silliest helmets no longer rests with you. Last night, E! presented some footage from 300, I mean, Conan, I mean, Troy, I mean, Centurion, I mean, Thor, I mean, Ironclad, I mean, Meet The Spartans, I mean, Clash Of The Titans, I mean, Chronicles Of Riddick, I mean, Immortals. Starring Superman-to-be Henry Cavill and directed by Tarsem, it looks pretty slick in an impractical helmet type of way. Keep in mind that this is a bootleg version, so you should wait for the official trailer before you start comparing it to 300, or Conan, or Troy, or ....


This. Is. Another. 'Immortals'. Trailer!!

Such high-flying battles. Was gravity not yet invented in ancient Greece? [post-album postid="203183" item="5"]Ryan Seacrest posted video of shirtless men on his official website and I encourage you to watch. I should also mention that the video in question is a new trailer for Tarsem Singh's Immortals. This time around we get a good explanation as to why everyone is jumping in slow motion and hitting one another with swords. It turns out that Mickey Rourke's evil King Hyperion wants to overthrow the Gods but cannot do so without a magica weapon (naturally). He rampages through and overturns all of Greece, village by village, in an attempt to find it. That's when Freida Pinto's Oracle has a vision that Henry Cavill would be really good at saving the day. That, of course, forces Rourke to unleash the "dytans" or "titans." I don't know. He was mumbling. I just know that it lacked the passion that Liam Neeson had while releasing the Kraken. And on a side note, we need to be careful. Between this and Game Of Thrones, we're pretty much daring Seltzer and Friedberg to make a Meet The Spartans sequel.


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This. Is. A. More. Clear. 'Immortals'. Trailer!!

Oh, so THAT's what this is about. [post-album postid="203183" item="5"]A new trailer for Immortals-trailer/">Immortals is here just in time to explain what the hell is happening in this movie. Thanks to the voice-over, we now know why everyone is jumping around and stabbing each other in gruesome ways. Check it out above if you find yourself in the dark about this visually-impressive film's storyline. Still doesn't explain those helmets though. Tarsem's Immortals starring Henry Cavill, Mickey Rourke, Freida Pinto, and Stephen Dorff opens in theaters on November 11th.


Tarsem Singh's 'Mirror, Mirror' Trailer Looks Super Corny

It's safe to say that the dueling Snow White projects are not equally matched. I think it's safe to say that the dueling Snow White projects are no longer equally matched. Last week we all rocked out to the action-heavy preview of Snow White and the Huntsman, and today we have our first look at Tarsem Singh's Mirror, Mirror. Ouch. Whereas one went for pulse-pounding action and CGI sorcery, the other aimed for goddamn ridiculous. Far too much of the trailer focuses on Julia Roberts and her hacky Catskills kvetching routine. She comes off more like Woody Allen than she does an evil monarch. Not that the dwarfs are any better. Actual exchange of dialogue upon meeting Snow White: "Snow White? Snow Who? Snow Way!" I just don't get it. Julia Roberts. Corny jokes. Fabulous outfits. Nathan Lane. Are they intending on bringing this to Broadway?


First Footage Of Spielberg's 'Lincoln' Is Lacking Vampires

Here's the trailer for the trailer. You're welcome. After a long wait, we're finally treated to a taste of Steven Spielberg's Lincoln. Remember this moment. It is the culmination of years of planning, casting setbacks, and however long it takes Daniel Day-Lewis to grow a beard. There's not much to see in these brief clips, but we are given some soundbites. Is that really the voice Day-Lewis is using for Lincoln? That's not Lincoln-y at all. I think I prefer the original Bane voice to this. We'll learn a lot more about the film when the full trailer debuts on Thursday. Perhaps the camera will continue to dolly around to reveal Abe in full penny pose.