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This Is Going To End In Death

Well, these superheroes broke the number one rule of being a superhero by revealing their secret lair. You’re never supposed to do that, superheroes.

Anyway, this clip is from Michael Barnett’s Sundance documentary Superheroes. It’s in an exploration into the culture of real-life vigilantes and real-life people who want to make a difference by dressing up as Slipknot. I can understand wanting to move out of Detroit, but if your real goal is to fight crime it seems like that’s the place to be. Sure, your bike might get stolen in Brooklyn, but they’ll steal the eyeballs right out of your head in Detroit. And that’s just the police I’m talking about.

“Umm, I just wanted to fight crime so I came to Brooklyn because I, umm, figured, like, there would be some there.” Quick question, did this guy name himself ‘Lucid’ ironically? Because we already have enough ironic people in Brooklyn thanks much. (MTV)

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