This Giant Walking Robot Might Be The Coolest Thing At Comic-Con

Comic-Con used to be about the comics. Then it became about the movies. Now it's just a glorified parade of 400-lb. walking robots. Buncha sell outs these days. Wired magazine asked the Stan Winston School and Legacy Effects, the braintrusts behind Pacific Rim and Iron Man, to build them a damn robot. A huge one. And those tasked with the effort did a pretty damn good job, creating this ED-209 (Robocop) lookalike that was able to mirror the smallest of movements performed by whoever was manning the controls.

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It's Hammer Time! 'Walking Dead' Season Four Trailer Unveiled At Comic-Con

Thank you, Comic-Con. Thank you!! Say what you will about AMC's The Walking Dead but it's just so damn good at reviving itself. The show where nobody is safe (showrunners included) is back with a fourth season and Scott Gimple newly appointed to pull the strings. The Gimple-penned episodes from last season were easily the standouts and if this trailer is any indication, he was just getting started. The trailer that premiered today at Comic-Con sees the prison crew acclimating to life with the Woodbury survivors. More importantly, they have to find a way to protect themselves when it's discovered there's a traitor in their midst. Just when I'd written the show off they go and get awesome again.


'The Walking Dead' Invades New York City

Ahhhh, zombies are real! If there were a zombie outbreak, New York City is the last place I'd want to be. There's already enough shoving and grabbing. That's why this zombie prank scare to promote the return of The Walking Dead has picked the perfect setting. Busy New Yorkers hey-I'm-walking-here with their blinders on, snapping out of it only as the undead burst out of the subway grates below them. I'd lose my mind. Can we stop pranking unsuspecting victims with creepy supernatural stuff like telekinesis and devil babies? Before we know it, all we'll have is horror pranks and society will turn into that really mean-spirited Telemundo prank show. I'd merely like to wait for the bus!


The Intro Of Season 4 Of 'The Wire Vs. Haim's 'The Wire

"Mr. Prezbo." This is somewhat mesmerizing. I don't know if one could create a more glaring juxtaposition than that of the lauded show and the breakup anthem. It's pretty good. Of course this isn't the actual introduction. The real intros didn't have the characters' faces prominently displayed. But adding the kids in this one really makes it look like something that would have been on T.G.I.F. on ABC, and not some show where people get shot in the head after you learn to love them. "Fuck Mr. Prezbo."


The SJ Show: Super Bowl Movie Trailers 2013!

Plus, Hal chats with the stars of 'Identity Thief'. Hal takes a moment from gorging himself on hot wings and s'mores (don't ask) to dissect all the big Super Bowl movie trailers -- Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, Fast and the Furious 6 and World War Z -- and rate them on a scale of Very Good to Oz, The Great And Powerful. THEN he meets up with Melissa McCarthy, Jason Bateman, T.I. and Genesis Rodriquez to discuss their new movie, Identity Thief, and get their best Osama bin Laden impressions.


'Fear The Walking Dead' Teases Its First Zombie

Unless it isn't. AMC is giving us another little nibble of Fear the Walking Dead. Unlike our first looks that showed us a man running for his life and a kid discussing the legitimacy of bloggers, this new look shows us what might be our first look at a walker. Or else just some drunk guy dressed as Raiden from Mortal Kombat. If it is in fact a walker, this is a really encouraging preview. In all the chatter about the show, nobody ever mentioned zombies wearing funny hats. That adds a whole new level that's been sorely missing from the original series.


Man Walks On Ceiling Using Magneto-Inspired Boots

Floating wheelchair or GTFO. Meet Colin Furze. Colin Furze is an excitable young man, and an inventor. Having taken a cue from sometimes-villain Magneto in Marvel's X-Men saga, Colin has made himself a pair of magnetic boots that allow him to clumsily walk across his own ceiling without yet killing himself. Take a look at what Colin's done, then mock him, then realize that he has actually invented something that let's you WALK ON CEILINGS. Then feel bad for having even thought about mocking him. In two years, this guy will be lifting stadiums out of the ground.


Comic-Con 2011: Move Into The Future With 'Elysium' Viral

You can be a part of something great. Good news everyone!! Armadyne is hiring. If you're a zero g welder, mega-structure engineer, quantum networker or an expert in the field of zero g coupling and multi-generational planning, you just might find yourself gettin' paid. What you're seeing above is a viral campaign launched to promote Neill Blomkamp's Elysium. ComingSoon came across a recruitment poster at Comic-Con that points to the fictional website Armadyne, where the video is posted. I've gotta say, as far as virals go this looks really impressive. If they're willing to put this kind of money into a web video, imagine what Neill Blomkamp will be able to achieve with his budget. It's going to look sweeeet. Wake me up in 2013 when the movie's released. **locks self in Demolition Man cryo-chamber**