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The Yes Man Teaser Trailer Is Live, Silly

People have their fair share of reservations regarding Jim Carrey’s upcoming rapid-fire comedy bonanza, but after seeing the trailer I’m feeling more optimistic. I mean, I can understand that Bruce Almighty may have left a taste worse than gas station caviar in the mouths of fans, but we have to stay open minded. I get a Liar Liar vibe from watching the trailer, which means it could be funny. Of course it could also turn into a cutesy piece of crap like The Bucket List or worse, Last Holiday starring Queen Latifah. That movie is on my movie bucket list, which is made up of films I’d rather eat a bucket of scorpions than watch. Regardless of all that, the trailer is worth a play if only for the cute overload that is Zooey Deschanel.

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