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The Watchmen Trailer Has Arrived

We’ve seen plenty of promising photos of the cast and set, but like most cynical jerks, I’ve been waiting for full-blown trailer to decide whether or not I’m going to get my hopes up for this thing. This afternoon the trailer hit the web and I’ll admit, I’m already pretty friggin’ excited. It’s a little more than two minutes long and it has plenty of Dr. Manhattan footage, probably because that’s the part most people think is going to be impossible to pull off. Sadly, there’s not a ton of Rorschach footage to be had, but what is there looks really promising. If you’re planning on going to see Dark Knight this weekend, and with the amount of hype that thing has gotten even from us, you probably are, you can see it on the big screen so you might not want to spoil it for yourself. But who are you kidding? Of course you want to spoil it…over and over again.

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