The Trailer For 'God Bless America' Looks Like My Dream Journal

This is the most excited we've been about a film directed by a man named "Bobcat." If you think you've had it up to here with the vapid celebrity culture in the US, the trailer for God Bless America demonstrates that you might have a ways to go. From the warped mind of Bobcat Goldthwait (yup, he's a director now...check out World's Greatest Dad), comes this film which follows a man who can't take the stupidity anymore, and, in an effort to fend off an Idiocracy-like culture, goes on a killing spree. Ok, Bobcat. You've got our interest. In the film, a pitch-black comedy, a man is driven to suicide by both the state of the world and his own life, only to find that perhaps he could serve a higher purpose by dispatching those who dumb down pop culture to near-clinical levels. He finds a tweenage girl to serve as the Bonnie to his Clyde as he goes around clearing the streets and airwaves of the dregs of America. Well done, Bobcat. Well done. The film hits OnDemand on April 6 and theaters May 11.

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The Spidey stunt goes wayyy better than his Broadway debut. There have been some good looks at Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man as well as Spidey doing his James Brown over the past few weeks. Now we have a look at Spider-Man in high-flying action. This spy vide taken on the film's set shows a stunt person swinging above traffic. Many online are finding solace in the fact that this is an actual person flying through the air as opposed to a CG creation. For some reason. (via Shockya) There's also a new look at Captain America online via Empire. Here we see Chris Evans again. Suited up like Captain America again. Holding a shield again. That's great. So, how's about just showing us the trailer already?


America's Homeless Got Talent

In an effort to determine if all homeless people are secretly hiding extraordinary talents, Break sent actor David Faustino out on the streets of Los Angeles to do a little scouting. In an effort to determine if all homeless people are secretly hiding extraordinary talents (a la homeless man turned internet sensation turned rehab patient Ted Williams Break sent actor David Faustino out on the streets of Los Angeles to do a little scouting. What he found may shock you. (Break)


Set Aside Four Minutes To Watch This 'Captain America: Winter Soldier' Clip

Looks like it took on some elements of 'Bourne'. One of the most anticipated films of the year is inching its way to theaters, and we've got an early four-minute look at what we're in for with Captain America: Winter Soldier. It's nothing unexpected or surprising, but it looks pretty fun nonetheless, and it seems to be even more stylized than the original. So take a gander, and see if the slightly new direction this franchise has taken makes it more or less appealing to you. If you're a fan of the Marvel universe, though, you've probably already made up your mind.


Honest Trailers — Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Revisit the 'Captain America' sequel that was…actually really good. Get ready for some nitpicking! Revisit the far superior sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger, a story of popsicle assassins and 90-year-old soldiers that was…actually really good. This one was hard, you guys. Get ready for some nitpicking! Become a Screen Junkie! ?? Click here to see more Screen Junkies Show ?? Previously on Honest Trailers... The Expendables Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret of the Ooze Divergent Green Lantern


Adam Sandler's 'Jack And Jill' Trailer: Oh Dear God!

He's playing his own female twin, complete with the "crazy mother" voice from his comedy albums. Everything that's wrong with Eddie Murphy, Kevin James, and lazy Adam Sandler movies is demonstrated in the Jack and Jill trailer. In the film, Adam Sandler is a family man upset that his twin sister is coming in to visit. We find out why when he goes to pick her up! Yowsers, is she ever a handful! She tells him he's chubby right to his face! TO HIS FACE! But by the end of the film, it would seem that Adam Sandler has more in common with his sister than he ever realized. 'Cause that's how these types of movies end. She embraces the role with all the charisma and warmth that one would expect from Mrs. Tom Cruise. Beyond that, we get all the hallmarks of a lazy Adam Sandler movie: funny voices, his buddies in silly costumes, pointless and weird cameos (Al Pacino?), and lame 70's classic rock. Watch the trailer, then wonder what type of person says, "Intriguing. I'm excited for more."


Watch A Mutant Super Bowl As One Man Plays God In 'Breaking Madden'

He's drunk with power! You probably don't know who Jon Bois is, but he's doing God's work so you best educate yourself. He's a writer for SB Nation, a sports fan site, and for the second year, he's Breaking Madden. You probably don't know what that means, so let's discuss. The video game Madden has become pretty robust, and you can sort of create your own team over a simulated season. What Jon Bois did is create a team of 7-foot, 400 lb. Patriots, and a diminutive, talentless Seahawks. The result is amazing and you should watch. If only the real Super Bowl was this entertaining...