'The Tourist' Trailer Travels the Internet

johnny depp angelina jolie The Tourist hits theaters on December 10th, but the film's trailer hits your face in about 20 seconds. Staring Johnny Depp as the titular tourist and Angelina Jolie as what the Israelis like to call a "Honeypot," the film is a pulse pounding spy thriller where anything is possible, yet nothing is what it seems. The question is, who's playing who and will the hunter become the hunted? Trust no one and expect the unexpected in this mile-a-minute action packed rollercoaster ride! Have you driven a Ford lately? Only time will tell. While the trailer looks pretty cool, I have to wonder why movie spies always seem to congregate in places like Venice? That's like holding your spy convention in Disney World. Maybe it made a litte more sense during the Cold War, but at this point, it's kind of been done. Why not try somewhere a little more remote, like Burma? Yeah, there might not be as many 5-star hotels, but you don't have the full power of European law-enforcement breathing down your neck as you try to do your spy stuff. Think, people! (Coming Soon) Watch the trailer for Salt The Tourist, after the jump...

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