'The Three Stooges' Trailer Is Exactly What We Thought It Would Be, Yet Somehow Still Disappointing

*Sigh* What were you expecting? Whatever thin premises guide the Farrelly Brothers' adaptation of The Three Stooges are lost in this 90-second trailer, but there's plenty of physical comedy, true to the original. Not much else can be said about the clip, except that it's got a steady stream of strange cameos, and it is set in modern times. Though I'm not Stooges expert, the lead performances seem to run from good to great in their adherence to the source material. And the Farelly's smartly busted the film up into three 30-minute segments to prevent fatigue from a dragging plot. Despite those steps, the film just looks like a dud. Perhaps if I had a couple kids and wanted to veer away from the standard animated fare, I would take them to see this film, but I think that the whole concept of The Three Stooges just doesn't appeal to the past couple generations. So there goes about 60% of film audiences. Maybe I'm wrong, and people will appreciate the throwback and attention to detail, but it's been my experience that most audiences don't "appreciate" shit. This isn't their type of dumb physical comedy. My hope was that the Farrelly's would bring their irreverent humor of bygone films like Dumb and Dumber to this gig, but they seem hell bent on sticking to the old formula, save for some very bizarre cameos. Anyway. Watch the trailer, and, who knows, if you're also not seeing The Three Stooges on opening night, maybe we'll run into each other.

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'Dumber And Dumber' Gets Edited Into A Touching Drama

In a world where two men, driving a sheepdog, leave everything they've ever known in pursuit of love... If you thought that Dumb and Dumber was a good film, but would have stood to drop some of that goofy nonsense and play it straight, we've got a trailer for you, weirdo. Someone (we'll just call them "the Internet") recut scenes from the famous Farrelly Brothers comedy to make it appear as though it's closer to Terms of Endearment than Ace Ventura.


Beastie Boys ‘Fight For Your Right’ Trailer Is Cameos And Little Else

All of 2004's hottest stars are out to shine in this cameo parade! The trailer for Fight for Your Right Revisited is out, and pretty much the only purpose it serves is verifying that there are a metric shit ton of celebrity cameos in the 30-minute film. For a full list of the actors involved, click on our earlier coverage of the film here. Strangely, despite the presence of so many comic actors, no one here really appears to be that funny at all. Except for Will Arnett who drops one of his best G.O.B. lines. It might not be original, but I don't care. It's G.O.B. And I love him. No plot points are revealed here, as my suspicion is that no plot exists for this film, so have fun identifying celebs and wondering why the Beasties didn't want more girls in their video.


'The Robber' May Contain Trace Amounts Of 'Run Lola Run'

This Austrian film looks a bit like a great German film, in a very good way. Any movie with a character named Pumpgun Ronnie has to be pretty good, right? Of course it does. And the trailer for the German-language film The Robber proves that point. Having gotten scooped up off the festival circuit, it's being remade for in English with Andrew Garfield starring, but the original version, which is primed for a small US release, seems to foot the bill just fine in a Run Lola Run-type of way. The film, which is based on a true story, follows the madcap hijinks of Johann Rettenberger, who was an Austrian amateur marathon runner who would rob banks, then escape using his long-distance running skills. Hokey as fiction, but pretty swee knowing that it actually happened. Enjoy the original before they put a bunch of Alex Pettyfer and Twitter in the American remake. The original German-language version hits the sweet land of liberty April 29th.


This 'Dumb And Dumber To' Clip Features A Bill Murray Cameo In Full Meth-Making Gear

Enjoy some Cajun-style meth. Dumb and Dumber To hit theaters late last night, and enjoys its widespread release today. We thought you should know of one fun cameo in the film that would likely go by unnoticed. And if you think this is a spoiler, I have some choice words for you. This is not a spoiler. This doesn't affect the plot, and no one was going to recognize Bill Murray's voice through a muffled plastic suit. That is all. Beyond that, Murray is just one of many, many people making cameos in the film. While we don't have an exhaustive list, we do know that Jennifer Lawrence's name has been thrown around a lot. But her name is always thrown around. She's Jennifer Lawrence. Take a look and enjoy a cat's butt for a second.


'Retreat' Trailer Pits Billy Elliott Against A Married Couple

And this is why you never trust a ginger. On a remote British Island, a man (Cillian Murphy) and his wife (Thandie Newton) are living a quiet, peaceful existence until a vacation in which they rescue an injured man who washes ashore. The strange man is played by a very grown up and very creepy Jamie Bell, who audiences fell in love with as Billy Elliott. Well, Mr. Elliott has a bit of a dark side, the inhabitants discover as they find a gun to go along with his sordid past. Despite their reservations, they reluctantly believe his claim that a deadly affliction has wiped out much of the earth, forcing the trio to quarantine themselves in their cabin. First time director Carl Tibbetts seems to have found a winning formula here. The minimalistic sets do a good job of fostering tension and claustrophobia. Also jarring is hearing Mr. Murphy speak with a brogue. He's been in so many American films recently, I felt we had naturalized him. Nope. Still Irish.


The New 'Community' Trailer Might Be Influenced By A Popular Film

It's pretty dramatic for community college. Community's return to the screen via Yahoo is soon approaching, and this trailer gives us a little idea of what we're in for. Nothing out of the ordinary. Just your run of the mill academic stuff like: Frisbees collapsing through a roof The dean doing some early 90's-style virtual reality (He's walking!) Inmates on iPads on Segways Lots and lots and lots of costume A new whitewashed cast! No Glover No Chase No Shirley It may not be what it once was, but it looks pretty damn fun and great. And it's got your RDA of Professor Chang. Oh, and if you didn't figure it out, the trailer is in the style of The Avengers. That's right. We were looking for...The Avengers.


Taylor Lautner Still Running, Hiding In Second 'Abduction' Trailer

They shot his fake dad! post-album postid="212009" item="1"]Poor Taylor Lautner. One day he's a misunderstood werewolf with chipmunk teeth, the next day he's finding out that the people that have been raising him aren't his parents. And to add insult to injury, he still has those chipmunk teeth. This Abduction trailer has us running and hiding with Lautner as he tries to piece together who those people were and why they're now dead. It would be dismissive and easy to call this a "Bourne for the Twilight set," which is exactly why I'm so comfortable calling this film a "Bourne for the Twilight set." John Singleton appears to have done a decent job with the action here, which leaves the acting in the very capable hands of Lautner. *Trying hard not to giggle*


Kisses and Hugs Galore In 'Blue Valentine' Teaser Trailer

Those zan Brothers Weinstein have dropped the trailer for Blue Valentine. Awww, it looks sweet, but also equally heartbreaking. Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams play a couple going through the ups and downs of a relationship full of kisses and hugs that turn into tears and shoves. I didn't get the opportunity to see this film at Sundance but I hear it's impressive and moving from an acting standpoint. Hell, Ryan Gosling made me feel sorry for a sex doll in Lars and the Real Girl so he's probably even better with a girl with a pulse. Furthermore, the MPAA just slapped the film with a NC-17 rating. I can only imagine it was for "sexual situations" but could it possibly be worse than Boogie Nights? Dude pulls his wee wee out at the end of that. Blue Valentine hopefully runs in theaters December 26, 2010. Check out the trailer after the jump... Blue Valentine -- Trailer - Watch more Movie Trailers