The Sort-Of-Defunct Trailer For 'Foodfight!' Is Awesomely Awful

This will test very well with the "head inured toddlers" demographic. The story behind the animated film Foodfight! is an epic one. Conceived in 2002, the film has yet to see the light of day, save for the leaked trailer attached. The film, purported to be a send-up of food brands in a fashion suspiciously similar to Toy Story's treatment of popular toys, was somewhat cursed since its inception. For instance, the film cast Charlie Sheen and Hilary Duff as star characters Dex Dogtective (awesome) and Sunshine Goodness. Ok. That's technically not a curse, but just a very bad decision, but you can see that this thing came out of the gate behind the eightball, if you don't mind mixing your metaphors. Following that, the entire cut of the film was stolen off of a hard drive and they had to, uh, make the movie again. That's unfortunate. By the time the film hit the light of day, it was ten years later, Charlie Sheen was, against all odds, more relevant when they started, and the graphics of the film just looked like dogshit. But don't take my word for it. Enjoy this trailer, because it's likely the only capacity in which you will be able to see this film.