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‘The Sitter’ Red-Band Trailer

Why would anyone hire Jonah Hill to be a babysitter? I don’t want to judge on appearances or anything, but he’s just got one of those faces that makes him look like he is always overwhelmed. When it comes to babysitters, I want someone who looks a little more like Daniel Craig than Jonah Hill. But that wouldn’t be very funny, so the producers of The Sitter went with Jonah Hill.

In the red-band trailer, Hill plays his normal goofy self, only this time he is responsible for the lives of small children, which is actually more sad than funny if you think about it. Nah. It’s still more funny.

The Sitter boasts a pretty awesome cast featuring Sam Rockwell, JB Smoove, and Method Man, but it would appear that Hill is the star of the show. Will his good intentions keep him out of trouble? Apparently not.

NOTE: For some reason, there is a little bumper preceding the trailer that’s pretty funny and shows a Jonah Hill that’s lost about 100 pounds. You won’t miss it, but it’s worth calling out.

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