The Screen Junkies Show: How To Fix RoboCop

Nick Mundy has a few ideas. We're all nervous about RoboCop. Each year, remake after remake flood theaters with a pretty low return on quality. There are exceptions but few and far in between, so you can understand our collective trepidation around RoboCop's retread. How do you take an already perfect movie and make it more perfecter? We invited Nick Mundy to the show to tell us how they can make sure RoboCop doesn't suck. The man has great ideas and great passion. Let us know which was the worst movie remake and you could win a $25 Best Buy gift card! See official rules here...

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This 'RoboCop' Theme Song Was Somehow Rejected

No justice. We've made no bones about our dislike of the RoboCop reboot around here (although we hear it's actually pretty good and you should go see it). But we're stubborn and the movie theater is several long blocks away so eff that movie. Here's another reason for our unreasonable hatred: this awesome theme song somehow did not make it on to the soundtrack. I can only chalk this oversight up to the fact that there is no justice. If only there were some kind of perfect hyper-violent lawman who didn't emote or sleep and only eats baby food to set this wrong right.


'RoboCop' Remake Trailer!!!

They might have not screwed this up. The first trailer for Sony/MGM's Robocop reboot is here and, forgive me for saying, looks really good. Yes I know that 1987 original is a classic and there's some things that should not be messed with, but in the studio's defense, Samuel L. Jackson wasn't around back then. I don't want to live in a world where Samuel L. Jackson isn't in a movie about a robot cop. Elite Squad's José Padilha directs this update that sees OmniCorp looking to bring their success with drone warfare onto American soil by putting a RoboCop in every city. But they didn't count on the man inside the machine exerting his own sense of right and wrong. Get mad if you need to but I like what I see. At least he doesn't transform into a motorcycle.


Honest Trailers: 'Robocop'

There are some films that are simply above criticism. There are some films that are simply above criticism. As is the case with RoboCop. We tried our best to find fault but the best we could come up with was the observance that RoboCop's partner, Lewis, runs like a girl, and that's not even a fault. Tasked with being honest, we decided instead to celebrate this classic. It's got it all. Blood, violence, death and resurrection. It's like Passion of the Christ on cocaine.


New 'RoboCop' Trailer: Droning On

Not as rated R as I'd like, but not all bad either. A new trailer for Jose Padilha's RoboCop remake is online offering a better look at the film's plot. This time, it's not just Detroit that sucks so bad that robotic sentries are needed. It's the entire world that needs to be policed by hyper-violent killing machines. However, liberals don't cotton to the idea of a robot with a gun on American soil so Michael Keaton comes up with the PR-friendly notion of shoving a corpse into a robot. Problem solved!