The Screen Junkies Show: Celebrity Ghost Hunters

Is this the ghost of a Michael Jackson impersonator? On this episode, Hal visits psychic medium Patti Negri and attempts to contact the ghost of Anna Nicole Smith (but only the skinny, hot Anna Nicole. Not the one that got fat and died). Happy Halloween!

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Trailer For 'The Evil Dead' Remake Has A Trailer

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'Sucker Punch' Has Used Another Medium To Confuse Us - Animation

The team behind Sucker Punch has turned confusing audiences into an art. I'm not even mad at Sucker Punch anymore. Now, I'm just impressed with how confusing they have been able to make their marketing campaign. It's an art, really. Not content merely offering trailers that trigger epileptic seizures, the team has now moved on to animated shorts (3 min) that don't offer a single word of dialogue or the slightest clue of what's going on. There's a guy in a mask. He gets shot by something resembling a steampunk ED-209 from Robocop. The guy in the mask dies, and sexy girls walk toward the camera. If you claim to glean more than that from this clip, you're a horrible liar, and you should be ashamed of yourself. (Coming Soon)


Haunting Survivor Tells Ghost Stories In 'My Amityville Horror'

The Amityville Horror has its share of detractors. Many refuse to believe the claims made by the Lutz and have written them off as a hoax. But no one can deny that Ryan Reynolds looked strange with that beard. The Amityville Horror has its share of detractors. Many refuse to believe the claims made by the Lutz and have written them off as a hoax. The movie update starring a bearded Ryan Reynolds didn't help matters either. But none of those naysayers had to live the nightmare that allegedly befell the Lutz Family. Now, thirty-two years after the original film, the eldest son Daniel has come forward to tell his side of the story. Though it might not silence the skeptics, the things he saw and the nightmare he has relived his entire life are all captured in this documentary. Hopefully through cheap-o "reenactment" footage with local actors who don't know what to do with their arms. (via Dread Central)


The "Ghost Dad" Horror Trailer Just Got a Lot Scarier

The idea of a supernatural Cosby haunting your family is nightmare material. Around Halloween, our dear friend Todd Spence released a recut trailer for Ghost Dad, showing us what the 1990 stinker would be like as a horror film. And now that Bill Cosby has become America's Greatest Monster, it's way scarier. I mean, it's still pretty funny, but damn...the idea of a supernatural Cosby haunting your family is nightmare material. Give it a look if you missed it the first time around.


Topical!!!: How To Pull Off The Jedi Mind Trick Prank

Try this out on your gullible friends. If you don't know who your gullible friends are, then you're the gullible friend. As you may have been pretty damn surprised to find out yesterday, Disney bought the rights to all things Star Wars and will be cranking out movies every two years or so, starting in 2015. Seeing as how tonight is Halloween, people will be drinking, and thus more susceptible to getting straight-up fooled, enjoy this Jedi mind trick seminar, courtesy of our buddy Hal. "May the something something be with you."


Vampires And Werewolves Fight Colonial Ghosts Or Something In 'Breaking Dawn - Part II' Trailer

The long wait pays off. After this, no more 'Twilight'. A longer look at last week's trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part II is now available to view and fans shou-- WHAT?! Kristen Stewart just tackled a mountain lion in mid-air. Totally T-boned it, too!! I always thought these movies were about whispering and ab muscles. Had I known there would be big cat wrestling, I'd have made an effort to see them. Also of note, Robert Pattinson punches the ground and breaks it and it looks like there's heavy amounts of karate. All kidding aside, those things are normally very awesome. But here they just look super cheap. Don't these movies make all the money? Any chance they could invest more into the special effects and white powder make-up on Michael Sheen? He looks like a Scooby Doo villian.


Ghosts Find Another Attractive Family To Harass In 'Insidious: Chapter 3'

Dermot Mulroney subs in as "Guy Wandering Around In the Dark." With Patrick Wilson successfully ghost busted, the producers of Insidious: Chapter 3 had to find another handsome guy who would work for little money. Naturally, they rested on Dermot Mulroney because he's really good at that. In this prequel to the micro-budget horror hits, he plays the father of a teenaged girl who ghosts decide to harass. I'm not certain how the third chapter of a story could technically be a prequel, especially when half of the second chapter took place in the 1980's and this one is clearly set in the age of T-Mobile Sidekicks. Also, I'm not certain that ghosts can pull your consciousness into their spooky limbo world either so let's just going into this willing to accept anything.


Tom Cruise Fears No Height In Full 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' Trailer

Seriously. Get a stunt double. Be sure to check out this full trailer for Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol presented to us by an eery adult version of Haley Joel Osment. Looks like Tom Cruise is back in the having to clear his name game after he finds himself framed for blowing up The Kremlin. Since that would piss a lot of people off, he and his team have to go underground and complete their own mission without the aid of their murdered bosses. On account of they being murdered and whatnot. Jeremy Renner also stars as an agent that nobody is sure they can trust. It's been said that he's being groomed to take over the series from Cruise. He even does Tom Cruise's famous hover just inches above the floor move. The kid's got potential.