The Screen Junkies Show: Celebrity Ghost Hunters

Is this the ghost of a Michael Jackson impersonator? On this episode, Hal visits psychic medium Patti Negri and attempts to contact the ghost of Anna Nicole Smith (but only the skinny, hot Anna Nicole. Not the one that got fat and died). Happy Halloween!

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Episode 11

Movie Science: Thor Ragnarok

We sat down with an expert to ask questions revolving around the science in Thor: Ragnarok!

10 mins 8 days ago

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Movie Science: Thor Ragnarok

We sat down with an expert to ask questions revolving around the science in Thor: Ragnarok!

10min | Aired on 11/10/17


Lego Movies They'll NEVER Make w/ Jackie Chan & Ninjago Cast

We sent our very own Jenny Nicholson to interview the stars of The Lego Ninjago movie to talk about a variety of things including which...

5min | Aired on 09/20/17


HOT TAKE!! How Defenders Ruined the MCU

Did Defenders ruin years of work done by the Netflix MCU? If you listened to Joe Starr and Andy Signore's hot takes you'd certainly think...

10min | Aired on 09/18/17


Summer 2017 Movies: Hits and Misses!

As the Summer 2017 Movie Season closes we look back and see who won our Annual Box Office Challenge.

12min | Aired on 09/05/17


What to Re-Watch Prior to The Defenders

The Defenders are finally teaming up! We're bringing you up to speed with all the seasons of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron...

20min | Aired on 08/17/17


Idiot's Guide to Game of Thrones Season 6

Season 7 of Game of Thrones is almost upon us so we'll bring you up to speed and give you everything you need to know about season 6 to...

12min | Aired on 07/15/17


Before They Were Famous #8: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Before you see Spider-Man Homecoming this weekend, check out what all the MCU actors were doing before they became superheroes!

9min | Aired on 07/06/17


Despicable Memes: Steve Carell & Kristen Wiig React To Odd Minion Memes

Minion Memes have been spotted up all over the internet! Hal pulled some good ones off his Aunt's facebook page to see how the stars of...

4min | Aired on 06/29/17


The Best Movies of 2017... So Far!

2017 is already halfway over!! Alicia, Hal, and Mark are giving you their list of must see movies so far this year!

11min | Aired on 06/22/17


Skip the Rewatch: A Guide to Transformers

With the release of the latest installment of the Transformers saga Transformers: The Last Knight coming up soon, we're breaking down...

17min | Aired on 06/15/17