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The ‘Salvation Boulevard’ Trailer Compels/Confuses You

I had to re-watch this trailer for Salvation Boulevard to figure out exactly what was happening, but that’s cool. A lot is going at the Church of James Bond. I would definitely go to that church on Sundays, unless… y’know, someone got murdered at it.

In Salvation Boulevard, Pierce Brosnan plays the charismatic head of a super crazy mega church, who kills an atheist professor (Ed Harris)┬áin front of a deadhead-turned-church-goer Greg Kinnear. This puts Kinnear in great danger – even Jim Gaffigan‘s character tries to kill him. Normally, Gaffigan’s a pretty cool guy, but witness the wrong murder and Gaffigan will take you apart like a hot pocket.

Based on a novel by Larry Beinhart, Salvation Boulevard is directed by George Ratliff.

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