'The Rover' Trailer Takes Us Down Under With Robert Pattinson

It's a story of revenge in dysopian Australia. And no, it's not 'Mad Max'. Robert Pattinson, if for no other reasons than his Twilight involvement and relationship with noted twitchy sourpuss Kristen Stewart, should be a pretty hatable guy. Unfortunately, he seems kind of cool, and recently, he's been making some pretty damn good movies when he should just be coasting on more YA fare. In this trailer for The Rover, he plays half a duo (the other half being actual Aussie Guy Pearce) who set out on the men who wronged them in a very bleak and brown Australian countryside. That might be the same thing as the "outback," but I would feel really foolish if I used "outback" wrong, so we'll just say it's a non-urban Australian location to play it safe.