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The Notorious L.I.N.K.

I was thinking about how it’s going to be lame that I have to spend all my weekend moving. Then I saw this new trailer for Notorious and I was reminded how luck I am not to be a fat dead rapper who doesn’t even get to move into a new apartment because they are dead. Time to start drinking. Here are your links.

Better stay off Clint Eastwood’s lawn! (Filmdrunk)

Rob Howard’s Call To Action! (Funnyordie)

Aston Martin lake accident not associated with Quantum of Solace production. (Filmonic)

Cheap ass Halloween costume idea! (23/6)

Real Ad Men talk about Mad Men. (Wired)

Maya Rudolph to return to SNL to play Michelle Obama. (HuffingtonPost)

Gary Cole set to join Entourage as a regular next season. (Comingsoon)

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