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The New Pornographers Go All Apatow On Us

The New Pornographers have a new video and they’ve thrown a bone to struggling actors like Paul Rudd. The video for “Moves” is cast entirely with people from the comedy world. Some you know and others and others that are more underground at the moment.

The best thing to happen in the video happens right at the top Paul Rudd and Bill Hader star as two pregnant men in a preview for the regrettably fake film Expectant Fathers. From there we go into the video which is done in the style of a film trailer showing the rise of the band, who are depicted by comics such as Wyatt Cynac and Kevin Corrigan. Another highlight is the coke binge scene. It effectively skewers out-of-control-band films like The Runaways, and explains Horatio Sanz’s drastic weight loss in one fell swoop. (Twenty Four Bit)

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