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‘The Muppets’ Trailer, For Real This Time

New Teaser For ‘The Muppets’ Tries To Put One Over On You Again

If you’ve been keeping track of the trailers for The Muppets (and why wouldn’t you be?) starring Amy Adams and Jason Segel, you know they’ve been doing a lot of trailer parodies, designed to “trick” and “fool” viewers into thinking they were watching something else, only to “surprise” them by being about Muppets instead. Well, not anymore – this complete and official trailer for The Muppets does nothing to disguise its own Muppetness – I guess that’s just life in Obama‘s America.

Anyway, the trailer looks pretty funny, if you’re into Muppets and everything. What I happen to like the most is that they kept most if not all of the movie’s copious celebrity cameos out of the trailer, leaving them as a fun surprise for people who go to see the movie. Whoa, that takes me back.

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