'The Muppets Most Wanted' Teaser Acknowledges That It Is Pretty Pandering

Aw crap. This one might suck. Remember a few years ago when The Muppets made a big screen comeback and it was exciting and awesome? Cling to those memories like the sheet you lost your virginity on. This first look at the sequel, The Muppets Most Wanted, brings us a P. Diddy cameo and a "Moves Like Jagger" parody. We like you The Muppets but we wouldn't expect this behavior of you. You're acting straight up like Elmo.

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OK Go And The Muppets Team Up For Awesome Music Video

Move over Run DMC and Aerosmith. The bromance between OK Go and the Muppets continues. This time in the form of a music video that is a pretty thorough marriage of the Muppets' sense of humor and the band's inventive viral videos. The remix of The Muppet Show Theme was recorded for Jason Segel's Muppet Movie and appears as the first single from the Muppets' Green Album. As expected, it's a pretty impressive effort that features many of the Muppets and their distinctive traits. Think of all the hours spent with hands up the talent. Did Hype Williams direct this?


New Teaser For ‘The Muppets’ Tries To Put One Over On You Again

Nice try, Muppets! The last trailer for The Muppets put one over on us all, tricking us into thinking it was for some romantic comedy. Now, in their second showing, the teaser is a parody of The Hangover, which brings the implication of drunk Muppets right to the front of my mind. [post-video postid="213252"] There's also a cameo from Wanda Skyes as a not-sassy police officer. Watch out for another surprise celebrity cameo in that scene, as well. Any guesses for what the next Muppets teaser will be a parody of? I'm guessing Schindler's List. http://www.screenjunkies.com/movies/movie-news/the-muppets-awkwardly-walk-towards-you-in-first-poster/


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The Muppets Parody Green Lantern In New Teaser Trailer

Kermit may do a better raspy Ryan Reynolds than even Ryan Reynolds himself. [post-album postid="11841" item="2"]We've already seen The Muppets skewer romantic comedies and The Hangover, and now they've got Green Lantern on lock. In this new parody teaser trailer, Kermit may do a better raspy Ryan Reynolds than even Ryan Reynolds himself. Chris Cooper also brings the mean to Kermie's green as the new villain, and the film promises that it will not, I repeat will NOT, be in Swedish. Seems like a diss to the Swedish Chef, especially when it doesn't take much to send him flying off the handle. The Muppets run wildly into theaters November 23, 2011.


Watch Elmo Shout At A Baby

Elmo is so hot right now. Elmo is so hot right now. He's been the most popular character on Sesame Street ever since Big Bird went on that drunken anti-Semitic tirade, and now he's got a big documentary at Sundance; Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey. But is Elmo's fame and fortune weighing on the muppet's psyche? This video might seem to indicate that the pressures of fame are just too much for Elmo, as he shouts at a woman's unborn daughter to "come out!" and claiming to be able to see the baby, despite the fact that this is clearly impossible. I'm really hoping that Elmo gets the help he needs soon - I myself don't want to have to report on any more stories like this, it's too painful. (Vulture) http://www.screenjunkies.com/tag/sundance-film-festival-2011/


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Your Day Will Get Better With This 'Muppets' Trailer

It was smart of the producers to cast Chris Cooper. People who like Muppets generally also really like Chris Cooper. Going into production of the newest Muppet film, titled simply, The Muppets, star and writer Jason Segel promised to handle the institution with the respect it deserves in another full-length trailer. The biggest news from this trailer would be that we get a look at Walter, the newest member of the gang. Where do new Muppets come from? Bulgaria? Burning Man? It's not addressed in the trailer, but I'm guessing we'll find out. However, when the parade of guest stars was announced, it was easy to be a little skeptical of Disney's intentions. Was this film going to actually have something to say, or would it simply be a crass remake appealing to the lowest common denominator? From the trailer, it appears to be the former, more or less. Sure, the involvement of NPH and Jack Black doesn't exactly scream "integrity," but there premise seems cute and likable, much like the fuzzy character themselves. Sure, there are some chickens doing a musical rendition of C. Lo's "Fuck Forget You," but beyond that, it maintains a timeless quality that its predecessors had. Also worth noting is a late appearance by Chris Cooper, who we at Screen Junkies desperately hope is reprising his role as the closeted disciplinarian from American Beauty.


‘The Muppets’ Teaser Made You Look

Starring Kermit the F...Frog? Ha ha, you should have seen the look on your face when you watched the above trailer, thinking at first that it was some lame romantic comedy starring Jason Segel and Amy Adams. But it isn't! It's The Muppets, starring Jason Segel and Amy Adams. It's a pretty hilarious trailer, and they commit better than most to the "fake trailer" conceit. I would have loved to post this as a trailer for "Green With Envy," but they do such a good job faking it that you probably would have turned it off after 10 seconds or so. And that would have been a shame, because you would have missed the really expensive explosion at the end.