The 'Monopoly' Movie Trailer Is Somewhat Here

Like an actual game of Monopoly, Ridley Scott's big screen version of the board game is taking forever to complete. So this trailer is the next best thing. Or maybe better. You remember that Ridley Scott Monopoly movie project? The one I'm sure you're way more excited about than Prometheus? Well, like an actual game of Monopoly, that thing's taking forever to complete. So the above trailer is the next best thing. Or rather, the above trailer is almost certainly better than what the real Monopoly movie, because it's only 2 minutes long. "Monopoly - Official Trailer" is a high-production-values-for-sketch-comedy video from the group Half Day Today, featured on Funny Or Die. It's got everything: money, power, sex by way of the Community Chest, a foot token rich with symbolism, and that asshole Uncle Pennybags. So hold onto your silver hat, collect your 200 whim-whams and enjoy Monopoly: The Major Motion Picture. Hopefully, they'll also make an IMAX version.