'The Matrix' As Retold By A Guy's Mom

Much better than the sequels! A filmmaker recently sat down to show his mom The Matrix. He then recut the film based off her description off the plot. She hilariously missed the mark on a few vital elements.

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Honest Trailers: 'The Matrix'

There's no statute of limitations on honesty. While it's one of the most beloved science-fiction films of...ever, it's not like the film is beyond criticism. In fact, the plot seems almost incidental to the spectacle of it all. And while the spectacle is pretty damn cool, it's not like we're in the business of NOT making fun of Keanu Reeves. Because if we were in that business, we'd be broke. It's been about 15 years, so I think we're not really in danger of hurting anyone's feelings here.


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Links Away: 'The Matrix' Meets Acapella

A guy decided to replace all audio in the 'Matrix' lobby shoot-out scene with his own acapella rendition. A guy decided to replace all audio in the Matrix lobby shoot-out scene with his own acapella rendition. That includes the music, the gunfire, the everything. Impressive, no? (ToplessRobot) Baw baw chika buh baw baw baw: Revenge Of The Titans (Movieline) Jesus...Straight Chillin (BarstoolSports) Timberlake Saves Myspace (Holytaco) Hollywood Career O-Matic (FilmDrunk) Taylor Swift's Body Hair (CelebJihad) Get Your Ass To Disney World (Unreality) Th Three Musketeers Trailer (MovieFone) Fergie Done Screwed Up (Popeater) Soda Is Better In Japan (Smosh) Ashley Benson Hotness (Maxim) The Best And Worst of 2011 (Pajiba) 9 Sexy Robots (NextMovie) Brett Rogers Charged (CagePotato) Cara Costronuova Hotness (MadeMan) Katamari Minecraft! (GameFront) El Weeken (TuVez)


Of Course Someone Re-Cut 'House Of Cards' To Be A Sit-Com

It's a laff riot! The melodrama and winking nature of House of Cards makes it the perfect candidate to get the sit-com treatment, much as Breaking Bad and The Wire have received in the past. As usual, most of the sitcominess comes from the title sequence, so here we get an a capella rendering of "a guy named Frank" who does wacky stuff like have bisexual threesomes and push people in front of trains. It's a gas! The theme song has been redone by a band called Talk Fine. Learn about them here. Check out the clip and hope for more song and dance numbers in the future.


'That Awkward Moment' Gives Us The Zac Efron Bro Film That We've Been Missing

When your bros get girlfriends, that's against the bro code (or something. I don't really know what I'm saying.) While Zac Efron has been enjoying a steady ascent in terms of the roles he's been taking, he took a few months off to just hang with bros, ya know? If you don't understand what that's about, then you're...you're not gettin' it, man. That Awkward Moment is a terribly-named film that surounds Efron and his buddies as his relationship with a girl evolves from casual to dating. Seriously, that seems to be the premise of the movie. Anyway, it actually seems sorta funny. Watch and agree with me.