The Machines Are Rising Against Michael Bay

Awwwww. First he's attacked by an air conditioner and now Michael Bay is publicly embarrassed by a teleprompter. While attempting to speak at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Bay was left high and dry when the teleprompter malfunctioned. Though visibly uncomfortable without the assistance of a prompter, Bay soldiered on. He began, "Um, I take — I try to take people on an emotional ride, and, um … " It was at this point that he realized he was talking about Michael Bay films being an emotional ride and excused himself from the stage. On the scale of teleprompter fails, this falls somewhere between Bill O'Reilly's meltdown and Ron Burgundy telling San Diego to go fuck itself.

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Did Michael Bay Use The Same Incomprehensible Footage In Two Movies?

It's his footage, he'll use it as much as he wants! Alfred Hitchcock once said that "self-plagiarism is style." Well, if that's the case, Michael Bay must be one stylish son of a bitch. YouTube eagle-eye "cinefilojermain23" posted a shot-for-shot comparison of footage in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and Michael Bay's earlier The Island, and as you can see above, the similarities are startling. [post-album postid="218333" item="2"]If this gets the attention of Michael Bay (and at almost 800,000 hits as of this writing, it's likely that it will), he'll probably just laugh it off, since it is his footage, after all. Still, it is pretty unusual for a big-budget blockbuster to use warmed-over footage like an episode of Battlestar Galactica from the 70s. (The Hollywood Reporter)


'Pain & Gain' Red Band Trailer: The Comedy Stylings Of Michael Bay

It's funny because the fat characters act like normal, sexy people. There's a new, uncensored trailer for Michael Bay's "small" movie Pain & Gain. It's got just about everything you'd expect from a Michael Bay movie except aerial stunts, expensive CGI, and Hans Zimmer. But that leaves plenty of room for shoot outs, babes, explosions, and awkward attempts at comedy that suck the air out of the room. R.I.P. Rebel Wilson's buzz factor 2011 - Pain & Gain. Additionally, FilmDrunk pointed out Mark Wahlberg's tiny dinosaur arms and now it's the only thing I see when I look at him. Just like the tooth in the exact center of Tom Cruise's face.


Eat It, Michael Bay: Arnofsky’s ‘Swan’ Reveals Its Special Effects

It took a lot of complicated effects to make this movie look so simple. While Black Swan appears to be a pretty straightforward film with minimal special effects (webbed toes, feathers), the truth is that it take a lot of special effects to make it look so stark. I mean, who really thought it was Natalie Portman doing all that dancing? Besides me, of course. Arnofsky did what mean big-budget directors can't - make the audience unaware of special effects. This demo reel reveals many of the techniques that went into makin Black Swan such an understated yet striking film. Reflections of cameramen were removed from dance studi mirrors, lots of "head replacements" took place, and animated tattoos were placed on Mila Kunis' back while she "kissed" Ms. Portman. Also, Vincent Cassel died 17 days into filming and they had to use a CGI representation of him. Just kidding. I think. (/Film)


Could Someone Get Meryl Streep Some Conditioner In This 'Into The Woods' Trailer?

It's nothing these characters can't sing their way out of. In case you thought that Into the Woods would be the rare effort by Chicago and The Nine director Rob Marshall that DIDN'T have a ton of'd be totally wrong. After giving us a few non-musical peeks at the film, the movie's true colors shine through as we see lots and lots of singing. Singing from Anna Kendrick (which we've seen before), singing from Chris Pine (not sure if we've seen that), and singing from a decidedly unkempt Meryl Streep. Lots of singing all around. How does it look? It looks good. Pretty much what you'd expect for a fairy tale musical. I don't know if it will resonate with the Screen Junkies readership, but it might with their girlfriends or partners. Or moms. This might be big with moms. However, there's still Meryl Streep playing a bad guy, which is always a delightful thing to witness. (THR)


So, Um, 'Battleship' Trailer Looks Sorta Awesome

Peter Berg don't play games. [post-album postid="25204" item="6"]We were all pretty quick to judge when it was announced that Peter Berg was adapting the board game Battleship for the big screen. Expectations were for an expensive, loud, CGI-heavy, action film where things blow up spectacularly. But in our film snobbery, we forget to factor in that expensive, loud, CGI-heavy action films where things blow up spectacularly can be awesome. Which is the case with Battleship. Of course, it could be an all-out cheesefest that doesn't strike the right balance of bullshit to awesome in the same way that Battle: Los Angeles did. But for right now, I'm gleefully optimistic that this movie is going to kick ass in a dumb fun kind of way. Unless, of course, Liam Neeson speaks the line, "They sank my battleship!" In which case, laaaaame.


Uma Thurman's Being Stalked Again

The trailer for Ceremony follows Michael Anganaro on a cougar-hunt. The cougar in question is played by Uma Thurman. The trailer for Ceremony follows Michael Angarano on a cougar-hunt. The cougar in question is played by Uma Thurman. In the film, Angarano crashes his ex-girlfriend's wedding in an attempt win her back (chicks love that). I just don't buy Angarano and Thurman as a former couple. He's so young and tiny that he seems more like something Uma wouldn't want to put in her pocket. Not her, umm, you know.


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