'The Lone Ranger' Introduces Us To Its Wacky Horse In New Trailer

All the best movies have wacky horses. The team that brought us Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is back with another look at The Lone Ranger. Here we get an idea of the origin of Armie Hammer's Ranger -- a man thought to be dead dons a mask and teams up with a Native American for justice. Attempts at summer blockbuster action Westerns have failed in recent memory, but perhaps this one will break the streak. It has Johnny Depp after all (assuming no one remembers The Tourist).

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'Lone Survivor' Trailer Paints Yet Another Ugly Picture In Afghanistan

The title is sort of a spoiler alert. From director Peter Berg, who last brought us Battleship, and a bunch of stuff far better than Battleship prior, comes the story of a team of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, and the shitstorm they step into with Lone Survivor. On a mission to kill a warlord, they have to face the difficult decision to kill some interloping civilians or allow them to live and face getting their cover blown. in the spirit of "no good deed goes unpunished," Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, and Ben Foster all take the high road and end up paying for it.


Bruce Jenner Is So Lonely In 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians Without The Kardashians'

This version is far more engaging. If you groan and roll your eyes every time the Kardashians are on your TV, now you can finally enjoy Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Well, enjoy it more than its original state. By deleting Kim and her immediate family from the show, Bruce Jenner is permitted to wander around and converse with the open air. To be fair, the actual show probably has more than enough B-roll of that to warrant a spin-off.


'The Tourist' Trailer Travels the Internet

The Tourist hits theaters on December 10th, but the film's trailer hits your face in about 20 seconds. Staring Johnny Depp as the titular tourist and Angelina Jolie as what the Israelis like to call a "Honeypot," the film is a pulse pounding spy thriller where anything is possible, yet nothing is what it seems. The question is, who's playing who and will the hunter become the hunted? Trust no one and expect the unexpected in this mile-a-minute action packed rollercoaster ride! Have you driven a Ford lately? Only time will tell. While the trailer looks pretty cool, I have to wonder why movie spies always seem to congregate in places like Venice? That's like holding your spy convention in Disney World. Maybe it made a litte more sense during the Cold War, but at this point, it's kind of been done. Why not try somewhere a little more remote, like Burma? Yeah, there might not be as many 5-star hotels, but you don't have the full power of European law-enforcement breathing down your neck as you try to do your spy stuff. Think, people! (Coming Soon) Watch the trailer for Salt The Tourist, after the jump...


'Warhorsey' Is Just Like 'War Horse', But With Poop

Now THIS could sweep the BAFTAs. If I've had one criticism with filmmaking of late, it's that you never see characters go the bathroom. Seriously, you think Ethan Hunt can dangle off the world's tallest building without essing his underpees? I doubt it, considering the amount of running around he does. I mean, he's well-trained, but not that well-trained. The guys at FilmDunk/Frotcast also take issue with that decided lack of realism, and so a fan has heard their call and cut together this trailer for Warhorsey, the horse that poops. It's a more realistic approach to War Horse and solves the issue of what happens after Joey eats all that hay. Too bad that the original release didn't handle this subject matter. Would have swept the BAFTAs, I bet. Now this is more like it. Now get to work on a Ghost Protocol recut with a turd streaking down glass. (FilmDrunk)


Johnny Depp Keeps His Streak Of 'Characters With Hats And Facial Hair' Alive In The 'Mordecai' Trailer

He might be channeling his inner Bill Murray, based on this pic. Johnny Depp has to be in on the joke, right? I mean, even if he's given to playing these flamboyant, seemingly timeless characters, every once in a while he's gotta come back to reality in a film about a regular dude in an office who's trying to raise an adopted kid or something, right? Maybe, but that film is definitely not Mordecai, which sees Depp as an art dealer/thief trying to get his hands on a painting that may contain the code to a bank account filled with Nazi gold. Ok. They had me at "Nazi gold." If that sounds interesting, the supporting cast of Gwyneth Paltrow, Paul Bettany, Oliver Platt, Aubrey Plaza, Ewan McGregor and Olivia Munn may endear you even more to the film.


'Jurassic World' Teaser Shows Us Why Pterosaurs And Tourists Don't Mix

It turns out playing God with dinosaurs has a downside. Our early complaints of Jurassic World teasers were that they didn't show enough (any) dinosaurs. Universal must have heard us complaining, because now we're getting dinos galore in a 30-second spot. In addition to attacking dinosaurs, both winged and terrestrial, we also get a haunting, sparse version of the theme song, played one note at a time on the piano. It's a little silly to have such an understated song soundtracking an over the top trailer, but we're not going to complain about the content, because as long as we get bloodthirsty dinosaurs, we'll listen to whatever we have to*.   *Not Mumford & Sons, though.


Honest Trailers - The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (feat. HISHE)

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