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The Live-Action ‘Cinderella’ Teaser Trailer…Just For You

Not to stop at Maleficent, the Disney cash cow just keeps getting milked, this time with a live-action Cinderella, directed by Thor helmer Kenneth Branagh. He’s taken a weird, successful path from Shakespearean actor to summer blockbuster director. I’m not sure which I like more.

Anyway, the trailer doesn’t give away much of the plot, but anyone who isn’t familiar with the plot of Cinderella doesn’t deserve any cues anyway. The teaser consists of a spinning show that pans back to reveal the glossy, lustrous object is a glass slipper.

It doesn’t appear that the sole of the slipper is red, which represents a HUGE missed marketing opportunity for Christian Louboutin.

And there’s a butterfly. Cute.

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