'The Ledge' Trailer With Liv Tyler Gets Pushed Off A Something

Liv Tyler, Charlie Hunnam, Patrick Wilson and Terrence Howard star in a movie that was the backdrop for a Screen Junkies controversy. (Whoa.) Awhile back, Screen Junkies interviewed The Ledge star Charlie Hunnam at Sundance. It ended up not being pretty, but we're ready to let bigones be bigones, and won't let the bad memories associated with the interview color our presentation of the trailer. I promise to be completely fair and unbiased. The Ledge, a poopy movie for dumb-dumbs, was written and directed by Matthew Chapman. The movie, about a bunch of jerks who get caught in a stupid-looking love triangle, stars Liv Tyler, Charlie Hunnam, Patrick Wilson and Terrence Howard. From the stinky trailer, I gather that Hunnam has to jump off the ledge, or his lover Tyler will be killed by her religious zealot husband Wilson. Oh, and when I said the trailer was stinky, I meant it smells like a fart. IFC Films will push the movie off a ledge for a limited theatrical release June 29th. Also: two thumbs down.