The Jokes Don't Stick In 'Flypaper' Trailer

Here we find Ashley Judd outside of her natural habitat of hanging out with Morgan Freeman. [post-album postid="215867" item="1"]It's good to know that 2008's Made Of Honor didn't rob the world of the comedic stylings of Patrick Dempsey. Here he heads the wacky ensemble in Flypaper as a man caught in the middle of two simultaneous bank robberies. He must manage the situation or else risk the life of Ashley Judd's bank teller, with whom he is secretly in love. Seems like a fun alternative to the usual romantic comedy where a hot girl can't find love because she's too career-driven or wears glasses. Although it does seem almost too cartoonish with every cliche of robber represented. We've got yokels, psychotics, neurotic idea men, adrenaline junkies, and Mekhi Phifer. He should have plenty of 8 Mile residuals. There's simply no need for him to take our retirement funds.

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Andy Samberg and Blake Lively Just Had Sex

The Lonely Island is back with another SNL Digital Short, and like mature, grown men, they're boasting about their sexual conquests in song form. The Lonely Island is back with another SNL Digital Short, and like mature, grown men, they're boasting about their sexual conquests in song form. They always manage to churn out a catchy beat with a glossy, rap cliché-riddled music video. Andy Samberg and Jorma Taccone take the verses this time around with Akon handling the infectious hook. If you look hard you can catch Akiva Schaffer, the third Lonely Island member, giving the the guys a pedicure. Let's all scream this groove from the rooftops next time we're lucky enough to lay with a girl, in the biblical sense.


Judd Apatow And Amy Schumer's 'Trainwreck' Has A Trailer

Where are the man-children? WHERE? It took the trailer for Trainwreck to finally get a grasp on what the elusive Judd Apatow/Amy Schumer project was about. Amy Schumer stars as a girl who seems to be a bit of a...yup, trainwreck. She sleeps around, she looks constantly hungover, but she's got a great job and a decent head on her shoulders. Her life isn't actually so bad, but then it gets super awesome when she meets Bill Hader's sports doctor character. He's funny, successful, and friends with LeBron. I guess Amy really can have it all.


Magicians Rob Banks In Dorkiest Way Possible In 'Now You See Me' Trailer

On the one hand, pretty cool. On the other, it necessitates wearing a top hat. Critics of the Occupy Wall Street movement have lambasted the group for their lack of organization, clear-set goals, and now, magic. Now You See Me follows a group of snazzy dressed magicians who seemingly teleport into banks and blink out with all of the money. Jesse Eisenberg mixes his Marc Zuckerberg with David Copperfield while joined by Woody Harrelson, who stops preaching the magic of hemp long enough to convince us of the power of actual magic. However, I think the real magic here is the silky tones of Morgan Freeman. He even made the magic loom from Wanted seem believable.


Find Out Why 81 Movies Are Called That In Two Minutes

Oh, THAT'S why it's called that. All movie fans long for the moment when the movie's title is spoken in the dialogue. I always get really excited when I can sense that it's coming, and when it does, I tend to freak out and throw popcorn everywhere. Suffice it to say, by the time this video was over, I was calf-deep in popcorn and drenched in sweat. Anyway, the video is pretty cool/funny, which is what you want in a supercut. I think my favorite one is "Back ... TO THE FUTURE!" about 17 seconds in just because Christopher Lloyd is so committed to saying it. (via BuzzFeed)


Watch 5 Directors' Styles Represented With Stock Footage

We, as a race, don't think about stock footage and stock footage companies as much as stock footage companies would like us to. And since they really can't artificially increase our demand for stock footage, they're gonna have to be a little more creative about things. So Shutterstock, one such company, took a bunch of stock video it had and recreated the visual styles of five iconic directors. You should be able to pick up on most of these easily enough, though the new Terence Malick film may buck the conventions shown here. Check it out. Because, honestly, there's no such thing as a bad Wes Anderson parody.


'Twilight Eclipse' Trailer Needs More Ashley Greene

I'm a little late to the Twilight game on account of my testicles, so I'm sure they've explained how vampires can walk in the sunlight without spontaneously combusting. But how can a red-haired vampire walk in the daylight? Everyone knows that sunshine is the leading cause of death in gingers. That's why I've never understood casting David Caruso in CSI: Miami. They must spend half the production budget on sunblock and the other on The Who royalties. What was this post about again? Oh yeah. Two super-powered, mumbly guys continue to fight over the tightest vagina in the Pacific Northwest while bombshell Ashley Greene somehow gets no attention. I understand that Twilight fans wish that they could be the Bella character so that the shirtless boys awkwardly pledge their love to them for a change. If that were the case, a more realistic line would be: “I’m gonna fight for you… until your heart stops beating... because of sleep apnea. Nice pit stains.” Check out the trailer after the jump.


Ghosts Find Another Attractive Family To Harass In 'Insidious: Chapter 3'

Dermot Mulroney subs in as "Guy Wandering Around In the Dark." With Patrick Wilson successfully ghost busted, the producers of Insidious: Chapter 3 had to find another handsome guy who would work for little money. Naturally, they rested on Dermot Mulroney because he's really good at that. In this prequel to the micro-budget horror hits, he plays the father of a teenaged girl who ghosts decide to harass. I'm not certain how the third chapter of a story could technically be a prequel, especially when half of the second chapter took place in the 1980's and this one is clearly set in the age of T-Mobile Sidekicks. Also, I'm not certain that ghosts can pull your consciousness into their spooky limbo world either so let's just going into this willing to accept anything.


Kristen Wiig And Zach Galifianakis Are Unlikely Bank Robbers In 'Masterminds' Trailer

Zach Galifianakis can do anything he wants in Hollywood, and what he wants to do is showcase his love of ladywigs and the use of the southern accent. That's exactly what we're getting from Masterminds, a heist film that stars Galifianakis and Kristen Wiig as armored car drivers who make off with $17 million. And then immediately lose $17 million. Owen Wilson slips his bumbling robber shoes back on to play the leader of a gang of inept criminals, who hires Jason Sudeikis's hitman to hunt down Galifianakis. Jody Hill and Danny McBride are credited as two of the film's five(!) writers, so when this bombs, it can't be argued there isn't a lot of comedic talent involved. Maybe audiences just aren't ready for ladywigs.