The Jokes Don't Stick In 'Flypaper' Trailer

Here we find Ashley Judd outside of her natural habitat of hanging out with Morgan Freeman. [post-album postid="215867" item="1"]It's good to know that 2008's Made Of Honor didn't rob the world of the comedic stylings of Patrick Dempsey. Here he heads the wacky ensemble in Flypaper as a man caught in the middle of two simultaneous bank robberies. He must manage the situation or else risk the life of Ashley Judd's bank teller, with whom he is secretly in love. Seems like a fun alternative to the usual romantic comedy where a hot girl can't find love because she's too career-driven or wears glasses. Although it does seem almost too cartoonish with every cliche of robber represented. We've got yokels, psychotics, neurotic idea men, adrenaline junkies, and Mekhi Phifer. He should have plenty of 8 Mile residuals. There's simply no need for him to take our retirement funds.