The 'Jackass' Crew Pay Tribute To Ryan Dunn

Featuring Roger Alan Wade's "The Light Outlives The Star." The Jackass crew put together this video as a tribute to their fallen comrade Ryan Dunn and screened it at his memorial service this past Wednesday. The second part of the montage is cut to "The Light Outlives the Star" by Roger Alan Wade. The touching song was written specifically for Dunn. "Ryan was really crazy about my cousin Roger," said Johnny Knoxville, "He loved his music and really looked up to him. Rog' was equally as crazy about Ryan and, like everyone else, was shook by his passing." The video does a nice job of showing the group's camaraderie and how Dunn could be relied upon for his sense of humor and ability to keep the mood fun and light. It also points out that these guys don't have many home movies that don't involve punching one another in the groin, back, or head. Rest in peace, Dunn. (Dickhouse)