The Intro Of Season 4 Of 'The Wire Vs. Haim's 'The Wire

"Mr. Prezbo." This is somewhat mesmerizing. I don't know if one could create a more glaring juxtaposition than that of the lauded show and the breakup anthem. It's pretty good. Of course this isn't the actual introduction. The real intros didn't have the characters' faces prominently displayed. But adding the kids in this one really makes it look like something that would have been on T.G.I.F. on ABC, and not some show where people get shot in the head after you learn to love them. "Fuck Mr. Prezbo."

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'The Wire' Gets The Musical Treatment It Doesn't Deserve

I demand a ditty entitled "Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit!" At this point, we'll take whatever Wire-related content we can get. If that happens to be a Funny or Die spoof musical, so be it. The fact that it actually features the character Omar (Michael Kenneth Williams) is just the icing on the cake. A few things readily apparent from this clip: Michael Kenneth Williams has a truly terrible singing voice. Just awful. And he can move his legs around Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance style. After viewing this, we can all agree that The Wire would have finally gotten some critical acclaim if they'd shoehorned a lot more song and dance numbers into it. Just like they do on the streets of Baltimore.


Here's The Full Video Of 'The Wire' Reunion That Took Place Last Night At Paleyfest

I could listen to these guys talk for six hours... Do you like The Wire? Of course you do! What a silly question that was! Because you like (love?) The Wire, you're going to be extremely interested in this hour-and-twenty-minute video that features a reunion of some of the biggest names on the show, both actors and producers. Normally, we wouldn't be satisfied with just "some" of the biggest names, but The Wire had dozens and dozens and dozens of compelling characters, so we'll give them a pass for just getting a handful onstage. Anyway, it's really great to see the cast together again, and it's also great to see the actors as themselves, rather than their characters. If only because a reunion of The Wire CHARACTERS would be a terrifying thing. (A.V. Club)


Conan's 'Walking Dead' Episode Intro Is Perfect

And it didn't even involve bear masturbation. In order to kick off last night's special Walking Dead-themed episode of Conan, Coco visited the backwoods of Georgia to show how the late night host fared during the Zombie Apocalypse. It's incredibly well-done. All in all, I find Zombie Conan much more enjoyable than Zombie Jay Leno. My only qualm is that we didn't get to see a zombified Masturbating Bear. But that's really more of an issue for me to take up with science.


Mr. Belding Has Joined A Rapper's Entourage

Straight outta Bayside. For years, there have been stories about Dennis "Mr. Belding" Haskins trying to trade in his Saved By The Bell cred for some young tail. This story has been corroborated by rapper Action Bronson of all people, who tells Complex: "He’s the homie, [which is why I named the record after him]. He’s a creep. He was [at the show] trying to find some young bitches. The thing is, [I had him come out and introduce me to the crowd at the show], and not everybody at the show knew who he was. He’s [known by] the older generation, not the younger generation. It definitely [went over a couple people’s heads].” Reality show. Now. Make it happen, MTV2. (via Warming Glow)


The Comedy Stylings Of Cameron Diaz On Display In 'Gambit' Trailer

It's 2012's hijinksiest film. The Coen Brothers have veered once again into remake territory and the results seem to be ugh. A remake of the Michael Caine/Shirley Maclaine 1960's heist flick, Gambit, brings the Coens aboard as writers only. So they can't take the brunt of the blame like with The Ladykillers and Intolerable Cruelty. Those this film definitely has the same work-for-hire feel those movies share. Feel free to watch the trailer, but I should warn you that Cameron Diaz speaks in an over-the-top Southern accent. In other words, don't watch the trailer.