'The Host' Trailer: Sexy Teens Versus Brain Slugs

Just as ridiculous as 'Twilight' but without the silliness. The Host is back with another trailer to remind us that sci-fi nerd Andrew Niccol can get mushy too. But not if that means he has to sacrifice including sleek, futuristic cars. There's only one proper way to direct an Andrew Niccol film and that's by adding cool cars. And helicopters fighting trucks. Based on Stephenie Meyer's Twilight follow-up, The Host trades sparkling skin for bizarro eyes and Kristen Stewart for an actress you don't want to kick down a flight of stairs. When Earth is invaded by an advanced race of brain parasites, there are only a small number of sexy teens left to fight for the fate of mankind. Damn those brain slugs and their technological advancements and betterment of society. They won't get away with that!