The Heroes Have Their Powers Back

Mondays are good nights for TV. The weekend didn't have much to offer in the way of Box Office. Honestly, the world of media is in a little bit of a pre-holiday slump. But fear not: Tonight has plenty to keep you busy, including Colbert on the Conan, Heroes, and Terminator.Prime Time TV   Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles- Monday 8/7c, on FOX Last week Sarah tracked the Turk, Jesse's plans complicated matters, and Ellison met an important person through Weaver. Tonight, Sarah and Cameron try to protect a family linked to Derek while Jesse's life is endangered. Heroes Airs Monday night, 9/8c on NBC Last week a powerful eclipse casted a looming shadow over all the heroes, and disabled their abilities. Tonight Hiro and Claire go back in time to the moment Noah took Claire from Kaito Nakamura, Sylar interferes with with the Haitian's attempt to defeat Arthur, and Suresh makes major progress with the formula. Late Show Round-Up (From Best to Worst) Conan 1235/1135c NBC Stephen Colbert, Keri Russell, The Lee Boys Letterman- 1130/1030c CBS Jennifer Connelly, Anderson Cooper, Ball State Top Ten ListLeno 1135/1035c NBC Will Smith, Paula Deen, K.D. Lang Happy TV Watching, from