'The Help' Trailer Looks Like 'Oprah's Book Club: The Movie'

If this movie hits, get ready for the 2015 release, 'The Help 2: The Helpening'. Here's a trailer for a film that should be right in your wheelhouse. Assuming, of course, that your wheelhouse consists of 1960's period pieces that focus on a bond between two women that society had deemed too different. We've got the new trailer for The Help, which addresses all those things and more. If that's not your sort of thing, maybe you'll see this movie just because you like to stare at Emma Stone, who plays the role of Skeeter Phelan, a college grad who begins working at a newspaper, only to find she needs to call on her maid (Viola Davis) for help with an article. Cue "I'm Every Woman." The Help is an adaptation of a best-selling book that was selected for Oprah's book club, which is wildly unsurprising, given the book's subject matter. It's pretty much the opposite of Tron.