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The (Familiar) 2nd Trailer For ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

After three viewings, I couldn’t really find one marked difference between this The Dark Knight Rises trailer and the one we posted yesterday, which is why I’m going to turn my laziness into a contest. Name three differences between this trailer and the one we put up yesterday (available here) and you will get a special Screen Junkies shout out on Twitter that may or may not include a delicious ice cream cake delivered to your home or office! (Note: It will not include the cake).

We’ve got the football stadium that Bane appears to raise hell on, we’ve got Catwoman being all seductive, we’ve got the Arkham inmates rioting, and we’ve got Michael Caine doing the best Michael Caine impression since these guys.

All in all, a great trailer, I just can’t tell how it’s any different.

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