The Dictator: Wadiyan Games

A little something to pass the time before the Dictator comes out (May 16th).

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Flula Gets Comedy Tips From The Cast Of 'The Dictator'

I'll say this: Ben Kingsley's a good sport. I'm guessing Ben Kingsley has seen some shit in his life, but the look that pops up on his face when Flula does his spastic introduction sets the tone for this entire video, filmed during The Dictator junket. While Sir Ben seems to just hang back and watch it all unfold, co-star Jason Mantzoukas goes all in to help our Flula be the best comedian he can be. When he's not mangling idioms, Flula can be found making obscure references to "Sister Greta" and Throw Momma From The Train. Oh, and if you make it to the end, you get Anna Faris, who's way better looking than these other two dudes. Sorry, Sir Ben and Jason.


Megan Fox Is Less Hairy Than The Kardashians In 'The Dictator' Trailer

Has Sacha Baron Cohen pulled a 'Love Guru'? With Ali G: Indahouse, Borat, and Bruno under his belt, Sacha Baron Cohen had to branch out to find a new character for his next film. He obviously couldn't pull from his highly-recognizable stable, so he invented The Dictator, a harsh ruler who travels to America to make sure democracy doesn't find its way to his land. And guess what? His performance is so enveloped that he fooled everybody. Even John C. Reilly, Megan Fox, and Barack Obama didn't realize their legs were being pulled. They all thought he was an actual dictator!! Dude's a chameleon, that guy. Additionally, some are complaining about the content of this trailer, calling it unimpressive and unfunny with its Kardashian jokes and repeated gibberish gag. But I urge you to keep in mind that this is probably one for the middle states. The actual film is likely rife with edgy, inventive humor. This is just the way of tricking "those people" into the theater. If I'm wrong, I should also remind you that a woman shatters bricks with her breasts in this movie. That earns the ticket of admission price right there.


Here's A Video Of Every 'Game Of Thrones' Death

Don't worry - it stops at season three if you're not caught up completely. Game of Thrones is a violent show. (You must think I'm an idiot for pointing that out, but every article needs an opening line.) How violent? According to some guys at Digg (remember Digg?), it's 5,179-deaths-in-three-seasons violent. oF course, a lot of that takes place with a huge fire, but still. That's a lot of deaths. Relieve the magic, the stabbings, and the molten-gold-poured-on-heads one more time with this fun clip, and be glad you live in a safer, more secure place. Like 2014 Detroit.


HBO Gets Medieval With 'Game Of Thrones' Trailer

"Then it's agreed. We're going to do a show based on "Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament." The first non-teaser trailer for "Game of Thrones" is up, and it looks exactly like HBO had a development meeting and the executives walked away saying, "Then it's agreed. We're going to do a show based on "Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament." The trailer focuses far more on the setting and period of the show than it does on the intricacies of the plot, which isn't much of a criticism, seeing as how this is the first real look at a show that is still seven weeks away from premiering, but it's doubtful that casual HBO viewers will be left salivating after this look. A dude gets beheaded, guys joust, a midget runs, and a few people have unnaturally blonde hair. Those are the big takeaways from the attached video. HBO may assume (perhaps rightfully) that people will ascertain the plot after watching the first episode, which many will simply because, hey, it's a new HBO series. (Warming Glow)


DON'T PASS On The Trailer For Kobe Doc 'Kobe Bryant's Muse'

I'd watch it if it was produced by Shaq and Phil Jackson. Showtime is still prepping the documentary Kobe Bryant's Muse, which they assure the public will present "a side of Kobe Bryant that the public has never seen before." One could only presume that means a decent side, a side aware that other humans exist and deserve respect, a side that honors the institution of marriage, a side that passes the ball when it realizes its broken-down body is not what it used to be. That kind of side. (I don't like Kobe Bryant very much.) And I'm sure the portrayal of the star Laker will be fair and even-handed, since it will be produced by Kobe Bryant himself. Stephen Espinoza of Showtime offers this cryptic pull quote to Variety: “Rarely has a superstar athlete afforded this type of access and engaged in this level of self-reflection during his playing career. Throughout his NBA career, Kobe has been an intensely private person, so in many ways this film is the antithesis of the Kobe Bryant that the public has come to know.” If Kobe is exercising self-reflection during tantrums like this, then I'm Helena Bonham Carter. Gosh, even the title of this documentary is painfully romantic. If, for any reason, you want to spend more time with this person, you can tune in to the documentary premiere on Showtime in February.


Wilson and Sudeikis Embrace Freedom In 'Hall Pass' Trailer

Warner Bros. has dropped the trailer for Hall Pass. Directed by The Farrelly Brothers, it follows two guys (Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis) whose wives give them one week off marriage to do whatever they want. Warner Bros. has dropped the trailer for Hall Pass. Directed by The Farrell Brothers, it follows two guys (Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis) whose wives give them one week off marriage to do whatever they want. Simple enough concept, so it's clearly all in the execution, and I think we might have winner here. The awesome supporting cast is as follows: Jenna Fischer, Christina Applegate, J.B. Smoove, Stephen Merchant, Richard Jenkins, Alyssa Milano, and Vanessa Angel. If the Farrelly's can't make this movie work, God help them. Hall Pass checks into theaters February 25, 2011.


Pass The Red Band Trailer For 'High Road', Man

This trailer will be funnier if you're high. Stoner comedies are experiencing a bit of a resurgence of late, what with the stonerly acclaimed Harold & Kumar movies, Pineapple Express, and Your Highness. And now it looks like indie comedian Matt Walsh is getting in on that sweet hydroponic action with High Road. Get it? "High"? Anyway, here's the trailer, which kind of seems like it was put together by someone under the influence of cannabis sativa, in that it's meandering and sluggish. Hopefully the movie will be a lot better, especially with the cast that it has. Take a look at these names: Lizzy Caplan, Rob Riggle, Ed Helms, Horatio Sanz, and Kyle Gass are just some of the people in this thing. And the movie seems to be largely improvised, so maybe the trailer is a fluke. Third option: That you think the trailer is hilarious and I'm an idiot and/or high right now.


'Game Of Thrones' Spinoff 'One And A Half Men'

If you thought 'Two and a Half Men' was funny...what the hell is wrong with you? Game of Thrones is a good show, but I'm comfortable speaking for absolutely everyone when I say that it could stand to be a lot more like Two and a Half Men. Fortunately, some dude with a lot of free time and editing software agrees with me, because there now exists a fake trailer for One and a Half Men, a Game of Thrones parody following the adventures and friendship of Tyrion and Bronn as they go around killing people and...killing people. So wonder what might have been had the characters in Game of Thrones decided to lighten up for five seconds and enjoy the simpler things, like friendship, and having a dude around that kills people for your on command.