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The Dark Knight Trailer Done By Little Kids

When I was a little kid and I had summer vacation, I spent most of my days wandering around the house, waiting for The Price Is Right to come on and searching for any porno my dad my have left sitting around. Apparently these little go-getters had a little more ambition because they put together a pretty impressive version of the Dark Knight trailer. I bet being completely hairless helps when putting on that suit.

It might not be quite as funny as the "Dark Knight Voice" video that we posted last week, but we have to do something to kill the time between now and when the TDK DVD drops. I’m thinking about making my own version of the trailer with trained worms. The only hard part I see will be teaching them to drive a truck. Oh, and one of my lead worms keeps overdosing on sleeping pills. Those wacky acting worms.

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