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‘The Conspirator’ Trailer Is Knee-Deep In Mustaches

If there’s a more fitting project for Robert Redford to helm, he hasn’t found it yet. Seemingly right in his wheelhouse, The Conspirator is based on the true story of the arrest and trial of those accused in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Robin Wright and James McAvoy lead the cast, though if you look carefully, you can find Justin Long rocking a pretty sweet ‘stache. Or you can just look at the attached pic on the homepage.

McAvoy plays Freerick Aiken, a Union veteran who reluctantly defends in court Mary Surratt, the falsely-accused mother of an actual conspirator. Much of the action appears to the courtroom, and the trailer even features the soon-to-be national catch phrase “Our founding fathers drafted a constitution precisely for times like this!”

It’s A Few Good Men for the lambchop set. (Yahoo! Movies)

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