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‘The Change-Up’ Trailer: A Bateman/Reynolds Body Switch

The Jason Bateman/Ryan Reynolds comedy The Change-Up has a trailer. Which is good, because we were getting a little sick of staring at this one image for the past few months. The film features one of my favorite plot devices – the ‘ole mind/body switch-a-roo. In this instance, Reynolds is the carefree bachelor while Bateman is a Michael Bluth-type family man. They envy each other, get struck by lightning, switch bodies, and hilarity ensues.

How do I know hilarity ensues? I don’t, but it’s an educated guess. The film is directed by the helmer of Wedding Crashers and written by The Hangover guys. Call it a hunch.

We’ve also got a poster for you. It would appear that both men are having threesomes, only Jason Bateman‘s is with babies. Pretty edgy stuff.


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