'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Teaser Is Here

Yay? In case you weren't in Times Square for New Year's Eve a couple nights ago, have no fear, we've got the Spider-Man teaser that premiered to the crowd there. So you can have the same experience as all those mouth-breathing tourists who herd themselves into the most crowded, obvious terrorism target in the world. As an aside, how odd is that the "treat" that the attendees received was essentially a commercial for a movie? Thy could have at least shown those Anchorman Dodge ads.

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Web 2.0: 'Amazing Spider-Man' Teaser

Get to know Peter Parker all over again. [post-album postid="217572" item="1"]Sony's teaser for The Amazing Spider-Man has leaked in advance of Comic-Con. Much like comic book and movie lovers probably did upon viewing the trailer. Overall, it looks like a somewhat darker look at the webslinger. Here, Andrew Garfield's Peter is portrayed as more of a sensitive loner than Tobey Maguire's total nuuurd take on the character. It's a little light on the action but we are privy to a bridge shot where something (most likely the Lizard) is throwing cars into the air with ease as well as a Spidey POV shot as he swings from Manhattan rooftops which looks like a really cool video game intro. Let's hope those effects aren't slated to appear in the final film.


'Jurassic World' Teaser Shows Us Why Pterosaurs And Tourists Don't Mix

It turns out playing God with dinosaurs has a downside. Our early complaints of Jurassic World teasers were that they didn't show enough (any) dinosaurs. Universal must have heard us complaining, because now we're getting dinos galore in a 30-second spot. In addition to attacking dinosaurs, both winged and terrestrial, we also get a haunting, sparse version of the theme song, played one note at a time on the piano. It's a little silly to have such an understated song soundtracking an over the top trailer, but we're not going to complain about the content, because as long as we get bloodthirsty dinosaurs, we'll listen to whatever we have to*.   *Not Mumford & Sons, though.


Claire Danes Wars On Terror In ‘Homeland’ Teaser

Claire Danes is running around accusing people of being terrorists. Terror has a new enemy and her name is Claire Danes. In the teaser for Showtime's "Homeland," Danes stars as a CIA somebody keeping tabs on the Damian Lewis' recently-released prisoner of war. America regards him as a hero after his crappy stay with the Taliban, but Danes is afraid he could be the ultimate sleeper agent. After all, nobody would ever expect a redhead could be an extremist. Will she be able to uncover his so-called terrorist life? The teaser has everything you'd expect: torture, surveillance, gnarly beards, politicians, and of course, secret meet-ups on park benches. The CIA should really get around to putting microphones in park benches.


The Ron Burgundy Dodge Ads Are Selling A Ton Of Cars

I once bought term life insurance because of a 'Reno 911' infomercial. No I didn't. Ron Burgundy is the balls. That's never, ever been disputed. But when we examined HOW he was the balls, we just recently came across with a facet of his personality that we never knew about: his inner salesman. Since the awesomely ubiquitous (at least if you watch sports) Ron Burgundy Dodge ads started airing a couple months ago, the car manufacturer has seen some crazy-huge increases in sales. For instance, October sales went up 59% for the Durango, which is pretty impressive. Maybe he could fix Syria and the fractured nature of the two-party system when he's done selling these sweet rides.


Ron Burgundy For Fandango's 'AnchorMan 2' SuperTicket

It's quite a formidable package, Jack. With Ron Burgundy out there promoting every North American brand under the sun and hosting European Awards Shows, it's high time that he get around to promoting his own product -- The Fandango Anchorman 2 SuperTicket. Here, the world's finest newsman explains the benefits of the SuperTicket and it sounds like something that's going to make the missus quite happy. On a sidenote, is anyone else concerned that Will Ferrell won't be able to go back to being Will Ferrell after all of these Ron Burgundy appearances end? That man is deeply, deeply entrenched and, at the very least, that mustache glue must leave a pretty serious rash.