‘The Adventures of Tintin’ Teaser Has A Whole Mess Of Danger

The lines are so clean! Here's the first teaser trailer for Steven Spielberg's The Adventures of Tintin, without its Secret of the Unicorn subtitle. I have to say, I'd been looking forward to this movie. I think the comes by Hergé are fun, filled with the kind of action and set-pieces that make great adventure movies. And who better to direct that kind of throwback action picture than Steven Spielberg, who pioneered the form with Raiders of the Lost Ark? I was even the slightest bit optimistic about the infamous motion-capture animation, because I thought Spielberg, producer Peter Jackson, and co. would be able to do away with the creepy dead-eyed uncanny valley effect I'd grown accustomed to. I'll still go see the movie, but this teaser has diminished my optimism significantly. All the shots without people look really cool - a 3D shiny interpolation of the art of the comics. But the characters all have those lifeless eyes, like a doll's eyes, chief. Remember Jaws? Sigh. Below is a poster for the movie as well, which also attempts to hide those dead-eyed stares.