The ABC Family Promo For 'Batman Begins' Is Comedy Gold

It might as well be an ad for Tim Allen in 'The Shaggy Dog'. A few things to enjoy here:
  • "He fights for family."
  • The announcer's wacky-ass voice
  • The smiles. So many smiles.
  • Love

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'Gotham' Promo Reveals The Joker To Be Just Some Wiener Kid

Well, that was a letdown. It was announced early in Gotham's run that each episode would feature a character that may or may not eventually become Batman's greatest foe, the Joker. This has sparked several theories about who might become Gotham's clown prince. Everyone from the pilot's hacky comedian to The Penguin have been flagged as potential Jokers in waiting. However, in the time since that news was announced, the producers have decided to say, awww, screw it, and just get right to the Joker. Without further ado, this promo reveals that the Joker is.... some wiener kid! Enjoy, fans of that kind of thing.


Yup, Tim From 'Tim And Eric' Can Make A Weirder Herman Cain Ad Than Herman Cain Can

This is where I would put in my interpretation of the video you're about to see, but it's a 'Tim and Eric' video, so that's impossible. Well, in case you thought Herman Cain would go unchallenged in the competition for "weirdest campaign ad ever," you can rest assured that he barely had the title for 24 hours before Tim Heidecker of Tim and Eric fame stood up and said, "Not so fast there, Herm." (He calls Herman Cain "Herm" in this little parable.) This droning song and video has me wanting to slowly march outside, through oncoming traffic, to find the nearest polling place so that I may "ride the Cain train" with a vote for Herman Cain. For President. 2012. Do you think that if Cain lost the presidential election but won the title of "YouTube Sensation" that he would consider his campaign a victory? Lord knows I would. This guy hasn't been on my radar for very long, but he's really been entertaining. Way funnier than George W. Bush and that whole "there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq" vaudeville act he pulled 10 years ago. That got old quick.


Trailer For Sundance Hit 'Pariah', Let The Oscar Race Begin

Girls in baseball hats will never be accepted by society. Here we have the trailer for Pariah, a Sundance hit that will soon be playing in a liberal college town near you. Being billed as the new Precious although it is nothing like Precious, Pariah follows a young woman confronting her sexuality while living in a homophobic family. Apple has a much better description of everything I just said: A rousing success at its world premiere at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, this deeply felt human drama is the feature debut of writer/director Dee Rees. Adepero Oduye portrays Alike (pronounced “ah-lee-kay”), a 17-year-old African-American woman who lives with her parents (Kim Wayans and Charles Parnell) and younger sister (Sahra Mellesse) in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene neighborhood. A gifted student, Alike is quietly but firmly embracing her identity as a lesbian. With the support of her best friend Laura (Pernell Walker), she is especially eager to find a girlfriend. Wondering how much she can confide in her family, Alike strives to get through adolescence with grace, humor, and tenacity. No release date yet but you can assume it will open around October or November so that it's fresh in people's minds when it comes time for Oscar nominations. Though, I didn't see Colin Firth or Cate Blanchett anywhere in the trailer. So, yeah, good luck getting that Oscar.


George Clooney Imitates Tim Allen’s Neighbor In ‘The Descendants’ Trailer

Poor George. His daughters are impervious to his charms. George Clooney has played many varied roles throughout his career. He's played political figures, a fisherman, a fast-talking prison escapee, a nippled superhero, a frequent flyer, and he's fought off the attacks of killer tomatoes. Now he's headed into new territory under the tutelage of Alexander Payne: Stressed out dad. In The Descendants, Clooney's stuck actually having to raise his daughters after his wife goes and messes her shit up in a boating accident. Not cool, wife. Don't you know a guy like Clooney needs to be out there planning his next steps in his on-going prank war against Brad Pitt? If he lets his guard down for one minute, he's likely find his Bugatti Veyron parked beneath power lines in an area highly-trafficked by pigeons.


'Silver Linings Batman': The Darkest Hour

Is this what rock bottom looks like? We're now weeks past the announcement that Ben Affleck will play Batman in Zack Snyder's Batman vs. Superman film and the situation is growing more grim for our hero. He's trying to keep it positive and focus on all of the good that can come from this casting, but cracks are starting to show. For instance, drinking Beefeater and Cutty Sark in unison from a straw. Those are significant cracks. Keep your chin up, drunk guy on Internet!


'Turbo Kid' Gives Us An 80s-Style Family Adventure Set In 1997

But how will he text people without a cell phone? Amid the much-hyped summer movie deluge, we've got a fun, modest family movie that's introducing itself to the world. Turbo Kid is the story of a boy (orphaned, natch) who goes on a quest to save his female robot friend from a power-hungry warlord. Sounds pretty weird, right? It's the work of three (!) directors, François Simard, Annouk Whissell and Yoann-Karl Whissell, who are hoping to take audiences back to the types of family adventure films we saw in the 80s like Goonies, The Last Starfighter, and Time Bandits. Check out the trailer and see if they hit their mark.


Take A Look At 'Gotham' Before The Batman

It's the Muppet Babies version of Batman How many times do we need to watch Bruce Wayne's parents get murdered? Lots more I guess, because now there's a series devoted to the immediate fallout of that event that focuses on the earlier days of Gotham City while its defenders and costumed crazies were still Muppet Babies. A Smallville for the Batman universe, if you will. Gotham is anchored by a young Jim Gordon, the rookie officer who actually gives a damn. He navigates corruption, gangland politics, and the small time crooks who will one day harness the destructive powers of penguins, flowers, and being really good at riddles. I'll stick with the Tommy Wiseau version.


Jax Got A Haircut For 'Sons Of Anarchy' Season 4 Promo

It's just a taste of what's to come. Son's of Anarchy creator, and rabid Screen Junkies hater, Kurt Sutter posted a new promo for the biker drama on his blog this morning. It doesn't offer up much, but it looks like the Teller family is happy to have baby Abel back, and Jax cut off his golden locks. Could the show be turning over a new leaf? Are we to expect no more rape, intravenous drug-taking, or skull stomping? Oh no wait, Clay's brandishing a shot gun. Good to see the Sons haven't gotten soft. I never clocked them as Red Hot Chili Pepper fans though. Who am I kidding? EVERYONE loves RHCP.


Batman Gives Bruce Wayne A Call

What? Isn't this how we all spend our Friday nights?? [post-album postid="211258" item="3"]Forget about David Mamet's Atlantic Acting School and all the other distinguished learning centers devoted to the craft of performance. Aspiring actors need look no further than this clip from the 1960's "Batman" television series for all the tools they'll need. Discovered on BuzzFeed, Adam West does what we all thought impossible. In a master performance, he conducts a phone conversation with himself as both Bruce Wayne and Batman. The only way this could be funnier is if he were in his Batman costume, or if it was Christian Bale growling at himself.