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That Guy Is A Jerk

There isn’t really a reason to watch the show Wife Swap. But it’s provided the internet with a few characters over the years who we can enjoy in videos like this. I cant watch without wanting to drive to San Francisco and punch this guy right in his stiff-upper-lipped monocle. His shirts are amazing. They say things like ‘Tree-Hugger’ and "Sus-Tain-Ability." They might be homemade. ARRRGH, it’s infuriating. More on Mr. Fowler, and some other links.

Stephen Fowler Is A Jerk Face (Gawker)

ALERT: You Need To Watch Joaqin on Letterman Tonight (AICN)

Look! It’s Tom Cruise. And he’s Running! (Unreality)

And something that has nothing to do with Movies or TV: The Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Single People (Holytaco)

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