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Teaser for Tommy Wiseau’s ‘The House That Drips Blood on Alex’

Nothing odd here.

The man/genius/maniac behind the cult-favorite The Room is back with his next "project" entitled The House That Drips Blood on Alex. The horror-comedy web series set to debut in fall 2010 on and Atom TV tells the tale of a peculiar man who moves into an even more peculiar house. I’m merely guessing, but I bet his name is Alex and the house drips blood on him.

If you’ll be at this year’s Comic-Con you can catch a Q&A with the cast and crew after a screening Saturday Jul 24, 8:30-9:30p.m. Be sure to relay to me what Tommy Wiseau looks like up close. My crippling anxiety prevents me from going anywhere near him.

Check out the quick, gorey teaser after the jump.


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