Teaser For ‘The Woman In Black’ Has No Woman In Black

Unless you count Daniel Radcliffe. There will seemingly always be an audience for ghost stories. From the highbrow stuff like Ugetsu or Throne of Blood to popcorn movies like The Fog. Now, the famous Hammer Studios is getting back in the game, and they have Daniel Radcliffe (who played one of the Harry Potter kids? I think) to back them up. This teaser trailer definitely earns the word "teaser," since there's not much here in the way of plot or character. But a little creepy atmospherics go a long way, and this trailer definitely has that in spades. If you're one of our UK readers, you might be pleased to know that according to Collider it's coming out early next year in February, while the US release has not been announced. LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!! Ha, just kidding.