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Tarsem Singh’s ‘Mirror, Mirror’ Trailer Looks Super Corny

I think it’s safe to say that the dueling Snow White projects are no longer equally matched. Last week we all rocked out to the action-heavy preview of Snow White and the Huntsman, and today we have our first look at Tarsem Singh’s Mirror, Mirror. Ouch. Whereas one went for pulse-pounding action and CGI sorcery, the other aimed for goddamn ridiculous.

Far too much of the trailer focuses on Julia Roberts and her hacky Catskills kvetching routine. She comes off more like Woody Allen than she does an evil monarch. Not that the dwarfs are any better. Actual exchange of dialogue upon meeting Snow White: “Snow White? Snow Who? Snow Way!”

I just don’t get it. Julia Roberts. Corny jokes. Fabulous outfits. Nathan Lane. Are they intending on bringing this to Broadway?

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