'Take Me Home Tonight' Red-Band: Coke-Fueled 80's Windmilling

The spiritual sequel to "That 70's Show," Take Me Home Tonight, is ready to rock with a new red-band trailer. You can tell because it's wearing a necktie as if it were a bandana. The spiritual sequel to "That 70's Show," Take Me Home Tonight, is ready to rock with a new red-band trailer that offers a look at 1980's style debauchery. Car theft, drugs, sex, and trampolining without a license are all put on display this time around. This isn't that much more extreme than the previous trailer but it's definitely more willing to have a good time. You can tell because it's wearing a necktie as if it were a bandana.

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Topher Grace Mines The 80's For Comedy In ‘Take Me Home Tonight’ Trailer

Spider-Man 3 should have launched Topher Grace onto the A-list. But then people saw the movie. Now he's returning to what he does best... previous decade-based comedy. Spider-Man 3 should have launched Topher Grace onto the A-list. But then people saw the movie. He's been laying lowish these last few years, and now ready to return to what he does best... previous decade-based comedy. This time the "That 70's Show" star is taking on the 80's with Take Me Home Tonight. He plays a recent MIT grad whose unsure about his future. Naturally, he takes a job at Suncoast Video while figuring himself out. Until the day his high school crush walks in to buy a copy of Cocktail. She invites him and his loser friends to a party. What happens next? Decade-specific hijinx, of course. Hmm... expensive education, arrested emotional development, video store knowledge. I think the logical next step is for Topher's character to get a job at Screen Junkies.


'Take Me Home Tonight' Video Attacks You With Dozens Of References

This video nods to almost every movie made between 1980 and 1989. (Sorry, C.H.U.D.) The gang behind Take Me Home Tonight, the title of which is an 80's reference, decided to up the stakes of the reference game in this video, which manages to nod to damn near every movie made during the decade. What's the purpose of this video? I dunno. It reminds us that Take Me Home Tonight is a movie that's coming out (which serves the producers), and it's enjoyable to watch (which serves the viewer). Win-win. So sit back and watch Topher and the gang just...just live, man. They've already done two trailers, so rather than give too much of the movie away, they just decided to have some fun with the characters. Hard not to get on board with that. Cinema Blend caught references to 32 different movies in this clip/music video, so if you want to see a list much more exhaustive than my paltry 6, click here. Otherwise, let the references wash over you like so much cocaine-laced bathwater. What? Yes. Take Me Home Tonight hits theaters March 4, 2011.


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Honest Action: 'Home Alone'

Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern should be more dead than their careers. Have you ever wondered how many lives your favorite action hero would need to survive a movie? We've teamed up with an actual doctor and took up time he could be using to save lives to bring you the answer. In this edition, we examine just exactly how dead Marv and Harry from Home Alone should be after facing off with Kevin McCallister. In reality, the Wet Bandits would be dead many times over and Kevin would be shipped to a psychiatric ward until he breaks free a la Michael Myers to continue his spree of Christmas murders.


'The Sitter' Red-Band Trailer

This trailer reminds me of my babysitting experiences, only this video has slightly more Method Man. Slightly. Why would anyone hire Jonah Hill to be a babysitter? I don't want to judge on appearances or anything, but he's just got one of those faces that makes him look like he is always overwhelmed. When it comes to babysitters, I want someone who looks a little more like Daniel Craig than Jonah Hill. But that wouldn't be very funny, so the producers of The Sitter went with Jonah Hill. In the red-band trailer, Hill plays his normal goofy self, only this time he is responsible for the lives of small children, which is actually more sad than funny if you think about it. Nah. It's still more funny. The Sitter boasts a pretty awesome cast featuring Sam Rockwell, JB Smoove, and Method Man, but it would appear that Hill is the star of the show. Will his good intentions keep him out of trouble? Apparently not. NOTE: For some reason, there is a little bumper preceding the trailer that's pretty funny and shows a Jonah Hill that's lost about 100 pounds. You won't miss it, but it's worth calling out.


'Hugo' Trailer Is A Dickensian 'Home Alone'

Hugo's dad gives awesome gifts, from the look of this trailer. Martin Scorsese is taking break from his Leo DiCaprio-laden works to venture off into the realm of family fare with Hugo, the story of an orphaned boy who teams up with a girl to unlock the secrets of his father's last gift to him. It's got some very Victorian sensibilities, going for the look that those Zemeckis mo-cap films went for but never got. It also boasts Sacha Baron Cohen playing it fairly straight as a train worker who is constantly on the heels of the duo. Also, he falls into a cake. On first glance, it would appear that the stars have aligned to bring us the funny, touching, 3D family film that so many studios have tried to wheel out and failed. High hopes for this one.  


Nicolas Cage Stands Up To Home Invaders In 'Trespass' Trailer

He'll defend his futuristic safe by any means necessary. If the sight of Nicolas Cage being held at gunpoint tickles your ribs, then Joel Schumacher's Trespass looks to be the comedy of the year. In the first trailer, we see Nicolas Cage and his wife (played for some reason by Nicole Kidman) being hilariously forced to the floor against their will. Then they get kicked and pushed around and threatened with knives and guns. LOL. Move over, Bridesmaids!