Take Donald Glover Seriously As A Rapper

Community star Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, raps in an empty warehouse in this non-comedy music video. You know him as Troy from NBC's Community, a former staff writer on 30 Rock, and a part of the comedy group Derrick, but did you know that Donald Glover was also a legit rapper by the name of Childish Gambino? Check out just how legit he is in this new Dan Eckman-directed video for his song Freaks and Geeks. The guy's got some serious talent, and if you don't believe it, just watch him own a huge empty warehouse in this video. He totally makes that inanimate object his bitch.

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Rapper Recreates 9 Movies In 1 Take, Because Why Not?

Film history classes are for people with money to burn. Check out this hip-hop, film history CliffsNotes video from rapper DeStorm. Film history classes are for people with money to burn. Burn, money, burn. Check out this hip-hop, film history CliffsNotes video from rapper DeStorm. He jumps from famous movie scene to famous movie scene all in one take, like a less impressive (though still entertaining) version of the Old Spice commercials. You can expect to see everything from Casablanca to Pulp Fiction, with a little Rocky thrown in there for good measure. Gotta have my "Adriaaaaan." There's another music video DeStorm made about video games. What about a combined video, where he goes through the history of classic video game movies? You'd have... uh... and then you'd jump to... uh... The Wizard? Okay, bad idea.


XXX Parody Of ‘The King’s Speech’ Looks Shockingly Legit

I smell Oscar! Wait, that's probably just a water based lubricant baking into someone's skin under hot lights. I smell Oscar! Wait, that's probably just a water based lubricant baking into someone's skin under hot lights. Either way, The King's Piece, the pornographic version of this year's best picture winner The King's Speech, is every bit as stodgy and proper as the original. This is based solely on the trailer, as I'm sure the actual, hardcore sex is much less austere than the film it was based on. However, I will admit to being genuinely impressed by the British accents on display from the actors and actresses. They put mid-level sketch comedy groups and college theater departments to shame, and the sets look great too. Considering that the actual film was shot on a set previously inhabited by a gay porn film, it was only a matter of time before the cycle was complete, and porn film and Oscar winner blended together in a beautiful smoothie of high and (very) low art. The King's Piece concerns a porn star who can't get it up, as opposed to a public speaker who can't not stutter (the parallels are astonishing), and thus needs therapy. Enjoy this safe for work trailer and believe in the human condition once again! (Film Drunk)


The New 'Community' Trailer Might Be Influenced By A Popular Film

It's pretty dramatic for community college. Community's return to the screen via Yahoo is soon approaching, and this trailer gives us a little idea of what we're in for. Nothing out of the ordinary. Just your run of the mill academic stuff like: Frisbees collapsing through a roof The dean doing some early 90's-style virtual reality (He's walking!) Inmates on iPads on Segways Lots and lots and lots of costume A new whitewashed cast! No Glover No Chase No Shirley It may not be what it once was, but it looks pretty damn fun and great. And it's got your RDA of Professor Chang. Oh, and if you didn't figure it out, the trailer is in the style of The Avengers. That's right. We were looking for...The Avengers.


Mr. Belding Has Joined A Rapper's Entourage

Straight outta Bayside. For years, there have been stories about Dennis "Mr. Belding" Haskins trying to trade in his Saved By The Bell cred for some young tail. This story has been corroborated by rapper Action Bronson of all people, who tells Complex: "He’s the homie, [which is why I named the record after him]. He’s a creep. He was [at the show] trying to find some young bitches. The thing is, [I had him come out and introduce me to the crowd at the show], and not everybody at the show knew who he was. He’s [known by] the older generation, not the younger generation. It definitely [went over a couple people’s heads].” Reality show. Now. Make it happen, MTV2. (via Warming Glow)


See Abed’s Cameo On ‘Cougar Town’ As Promised By ‘Community’

It's a Special Relationship. If you've succumbed to peer pressure and have been watching "Community" on NBC, you know that it has a Special Relationship with the ABC show"Cougar Town." It culminated last night on "Cougar Town," when none other than Abed himself, Danny Pudi, could be seen in the background during a scene on the show. And if you watch the clip above, you'll see that it's not just Pudi picking up some work as an extra, he's in character as Abed, which quite frankly is making me a little dizzy. [post-album postid="207716" item="1"] This isn't the first co-mingling of the two series. Dan Byrd and Busy Philipps, the principals of the scene above, appeared as extras on an episode of "Community." I ... I need to sit down. (The Washington Post)