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‘Survival of the Dead’ Red-Band Trailer Finally Gets Around to Shooting a Zombie With a Flare Gun

Parents groups are up in arms over the growing popularity of red-band trailers and the ease with which children are able to access them. What they need to do is face the fact that red-band trailers are awesome and it’s growing much harder to monitor their kids due to the Internet’s reach. This battle is lost parents. You should just focus on being "cool parents" and pop the corn, kick back, and check out this second red-band trailer for George Romero‘s Survival of the Dead. It’s not that explicit except for all the blood and guts and stuff. Also, a zombie rides a horse.

Sidenote: Here we are in the year 2010 and Romero has six Living Dead movies under his belt and he’s only now breaching shooting zombies with a flare gun territory. Now that’s an artist who knows how to keep things fresh.

Win the adoration of your gore-loving children after the jump.


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